December 2004
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Tour Andover Controls to Introduce New Products During the 2005 AHR Expo - Booth 1034

During the 2005 AHR Expo, February 7-9 in Orlando, Tour Andover Controls will demonstrate two new products at Booth 1034:

The Continuum® bCX1 Router/Controller Series
Tour Andover Controls introduces the Continuum® bCX1 Router/Controller Series, the company’s faster, better, and lower-priced NetControllers. The cornerstones of Tour Andover Controls’ Continuum building automation and security system, NetControllers provide direct Ethernet communications from local field controllers through to the CyberStation operator workstations.  The bCX1 series features increased power, memory, and reliability with a powerful 10/100 Ethernet communications, 66 MHz Motorola processor, and 32 MB of RAM. In addition, the series offers 16MB non-volatile flash memory to store not only the users’ operating system, but also their programs and run-time data. In the event of a power loss, everything is restored automatically when power is returned.
Several of the bCX1 models meet the requirements of a BACnet B-BC (BACnet Building Controller) profile and they can also be configured to function as BACnet Broadcast Message Devices (BBMDs) so they can fully communicate via the Internet. Three models of the bCX1 series are available. These include two BACnet models and an Infinet model.

TAC Vista 4.3 With Webstation
One of the major new features in the Tour Andover Controls’ new TAC Vista® 4.3 release is a new version of the web-based interface, Webstation, to the TAC Vista Server. Users can access the system via a TCP/IP-based intranet or via the Internet using a standard web browser. It provides access to view multiple system functions, including alarms, graphics, trend charts, time schedules and events. In the new Webstation, TAC has increased the functionality level available to users and now the system uses standard web technology, making it very easy and cost effective to install, use and maintain. Webstation access requires no downloads, installs or plug-ins and it works in all major browsers, networks and operating systems.  TAC Vista 4.3® is a building IT management software from Tour Andover Controls offering a totally open architecture, combining environmental controls with facility and energy management features in a single, seamlessly interoperable solution.

For more information visit or or visit the Tour Andover Controls Booth 1034 at AHR2005

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