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CASI-RUSCO'S New Access Vision Imaging for Picture Perfect™ Provides Superior Badging Functions

LAS VEGAS, Nevada - (September 27, 1999) - Now there is an exciting new Access Vision™ Imaging product for users of CASI-RUSCO's Picture Perfect™ Access Control System. Access Vision™ Imaging is the most full featured, easy-to-use personnel identification and badging system in the industry.

Access Vision™ Imaging works seamlessly with Picture Perfect™ through the Access Vision™ interface, combining sophisticated badge design with user-friendly "point-and-click" desktop operation. Familiar pull down menus and graphical icons let users create sophisticated badge designs directly from their PC, capture and enhance unprecedented high resolution images and employ flexible printing options for dye sublimation and laser printers. The imaging package, coupled with Access Vision™, can quickly and efficiently create, update and batch-print very large quantities of customized badges.

Access Vision™ Imaging offers magnetic stripe encoding, industry standard barcodes, signature capture, chroma key, and dual-sided badge printing. Sophisticated photo modification capabilities allow users to adjust image hue and intensity, modify brightness or contrast, crop photos and add ghosting or "watermark" effects (depending on printer capabilities). Badges can be further customized with fonts, imported graphics for logos and backgrounds, and the WYSIWYG preview option lets users preview the precise image and design before printing. A critical benefit for human resources departments and security professionals is provided by the full-page "Wanted Poster" and dossier formats, which help identify at a glance individuals who may pose a security risk. Access Vision™ Imaging gives users several ways to capture a badgeholder's photo: via S-video, digital, RGB or composite camera, or through any industry-standard TWAIN scanner or the import of most graphic file formats. Signatures can be obtained through a signature capture device or scanner. Together, Access Vision™ and Access Vision™ Imaging make Picture Perfect™ the most versatile, powerful, easy-to-use and dependable security management and imaging system on the market.

CASI-RUSCO is a division of Oregon-based SLC Technologies, a corporation devoted to providing a complete range of commercial and residential security solutions worldwide. CASI-RUSCO delivers its innovative product lines through its Business Partner network of experienced, independent distributors dedicated to outstanding systems integration, technical knowledge and customer service. To locate the CASI-RUSCO Business Partner nearest you, call CASI-RUSCO at (800) 428-2733 or visit the CASI-RUSCO web site at

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