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CASI-RUSCO Unveils Powerful Enterprise Access Control and Alarm Monitoring System for Midsize and Large Organizations

Secure Perfect Enterprise Edition™ Is Powerful, Reliable, Easy To Use

LAS VEGAS, Nevada - (September 27, 1999) - CASI-RUSCO announced today a powerful, feature-rich addition to its family of access control systems and products. Secure Perfect Enterprise Edition™, designed for midsize and larger organizations, offers more features, power and greater ease of use than any other access control and security management system on the market.

Secure Perfect Enterprise Edition™ offers greatly enhanced features for access control, alarm and facility system management with support for up to 1,030 entry points and 25 remote clients worldwide. The system's familiar Windows environment provides extreme ease of use, with pull down menus, logical screen design and familiar graphical icons.

Secure Perfect Enterprise Edition™ uses Windows NT Server 4.0 as its operating system and Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 as its database manager. Secure Perfect Enterprise Edition's™ powerful features include live automatic simultaneous backups and automatic integrity checks for tighter security. The system also self-repairs many data corruption problems and allows users to add far more data than previously possible.

Secure Perfect Enterprise Edition™ lets users partition databases to permit or deny access to certain areas, securing specific portions of the database and allowing only selected operators to work in their designated database segments. The system also provides elevator control; an integrated badging system with flexible design capabilities, image and signature capture, TWAIN device support and variable badge print functions; ten levels of user-selectable alarm priorities; and an interface to major CCTV systems.

As with all CASI-RUSCO systems and products, Secure Perfect Enterprise Edition™ uses open-ended modular architecture enabling it to grow with a company's needs, regardless of size or geographical location.

CASI-RUSCO is a division of Oregon-based SLC Technologies, a corporation devoted to providing a complete range of commercial and residential security solutions worldwide. CASI-RUSCO delivers its innovative products through its Business Partner network of experienced, independent distributors dedicated to outstanding systems integration, technical knowledge and customer service. To locate the CASI-RUSCO Business Partner nearest you, call CASI-RUSCO at (800) 428-2733 or visit the CASI-RUSCO web site at

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