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ICONICS Releases WEB HMI based on Microsoft DNA Technology
WEBHMI Connects Process Data to the Desktop using DNA, DCOM and OPC

Interkama '99 -October 18 , 1999 - ICONICS, a leader in the development of OLE for Process Control (OPC) based HMI, SCADA and Control software, announced the release of its Internet and Intranet based WEBHMItm product. WEBHMI addresses real-time animated graphics, alarms and trending on the WEB using standard Microsoft technology such as ActiveX, DCOM and OPC as defined with Microsoft DNA initiative.

"The WEBHMI product enables the rapid development of Intranet and Web based applications that provide real-time, alarming and historical data," said Russ Agrusa, ICONICS President. According to Agrusa, "This product is the first product to use standard Microsoft DCOM and DNA to achieve WEB based capabilities without the use of Java".

The WEBHMI product is installed solely on the WEB Server machine running GENESIS32. No special software is required on the client's PC's running Microsoft's Internet Explorer Browser. This allows management, operators and other authorized plant personnel to view process and other manufacturing data and do so without any client side software installation or maintenance. As a result this lowers the Total Cost of Ownership and plugs directly into Microsoft's DNA infrastructure.

Using ICONICS award winning OPC-To-The-CoreTM GENESIS32 product, users can rapidly create HTML based applications. Wizards help users create HTML directly from custom generated graphics displays. GENESIS32 automatically transforms applications that run directly in the Web Browser does not require any translations or Java applets. When the Microsoft Internet Explorer based WEB Browser loads a page from the WEBHMI Server the appropriate ActiveX, DCOM and OPC components are automatically uploaded to the requesting client station. "It works just like any WEB Site you visit, except there is no Java, just pure Microsoft DNA", states Agrusa.

The advantage of using DNA-based WEB applications it that it provides excellent connectivity via OPC to the factory floor devices. In addition this approach takes advantage of pure ActiveX, DCOM and OPC running in your browser and provides higher performance.

ICONICS has been involved with the OPC standardization effort since the OPC Foundation inception and has recently provided the official sample code for the newly released Alarm and Events Specification, which the OPC Foundation has provided to its member companies. According to Chuck Gillingham, ICONICS VP of Marketing, "The success of OPC and continued advancements of Internet/Intranet technology allows ICONICS to introduce WEBHMI which enables manufacturers to empower key personnel with real time plant information in a very cost efficient manner."

ICONICS is offering the WEBHMI as stand-alone server application as well as providing five, ten, twenty-five and unlimited Client packages. Licensing is based on the number concurrent users.

More Information

For more information on the New WEBHMI or any other OPC based products call ICONICS. Or visit the ICONICS Web Site at The complete OPC specification can be found at

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