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News Briefs

Virtual private networks (VPNs) are dramatically changing the nature of networked communications by providing enterprises the opportunity to maximize the potential of public network services for remote access, site-to-site intranets, and extranet connectivity.

VPNWorX, Lucent's VPN-enabling strategy, utilizes a visionary provider/subscriber approach to deliver the industry's most comprehensive choice of fundamental architectures for enterprise-wide VPNs. The unique VPNWorX approach leverages Lucent's depth of experience in implementing VPNs for service providers to deliver an end-to-end solution—from your enterprise applications to your provider's service platform—with unparalleled capabilities and superior price/performance. Now enterprises can benefit from the flexibility inherent in next-generation networks and the expanding range of VPN options in their service provider's portfolio.

Key Benefits 

ABB Power T&D Company, Inc. provides a low-cost, cellular-based communications solution for the utility market. Through MicroBurst™ technology, low-cost, short-packet data messaging combines with advanced metering and energy information services to supply utilities and service providers in the industry with the first reliable two-way cellular messaging service optimized for the residential market.

Aeris' core technology, MicroBurst, uses the control channel infrastructure of the AMPS cellular systems to transmit data wirelessly from an ABB meter to a utility host through an Aeris-operated data collection and distribution hub.

Aeris routes the data via TCP/IP connections to and from the host, such as the ABB EnergyAxis AMR Server, that processes or acts on the information received. Aeris MicroBurst will be used primarily for collecting metering information and data.

"Aeris offers ABB access to the most widespread RF network available," said Brad Silvernail, general manager of ABB's metering systems unit. "In addition to providing a necessary footprint, the use of existing cellular channels and cellular hardware reduces the ongoing communication costs and capital investment associated with remote meter reading services. We can integrate solutions that provide our utility customers with greater flexibility in the strategic deployment of AMR services."

LonWorks implemented on Fiber Optics SEC PS3 and Raytheon Control-by-Light Team up to sell and support LonWorks on Fiber Optic Cable

PRODUCT OVERVIEW - Control-By-Light is a set of components that comprise a fiber optic implementation of the LonWorks control network. Fiber optic interconnect is being used increasingly in building automation applications because it delivers significant benefits, specifically:

- Total immunity to electromagnetic interference
- High speed to handle high message traffic applications
- Long distance repeaterless links of up to 30 Km
- Built in redundancy and signal level monitoring on every link
- Each node is hot swappable and can be replaced without bringing the network down
- Pure LonWorks utilizing standard development tools for both the copper and fiber optic parts of an application.
- Tamperproof for mission critical building applications like access, safety and security.
- C-B-L routers are about half the cost of Ethernet/LonWorks routers and requires one not two fiber optic cables.
- C-B-L systems are all pure LonWorks with no single point of failure.

Take a few minutes to check out our C-B-L web site

PRICING - The price for the various Raytheon C-B-L configurations routers are about half the cost of Ethernet/LonWorks routers. 

The Canadian Team is soliciting entrants from design teams interested in submitting their environmentally advanced new building, to Green Building Challenge 2000, to be held in Maastricht, Holland next fall. Complete details can be found by visiting our website at:

Chief Information Officer Named by CSI

DALLAS - CSI Control Systems International Inc. has named Chuck Littleton chief information officer, reporting to William S. Bartles, CSI's chief financial officer. CSI provides integrated information, control solutions and energy solutions for commercial, industrial and institutional buildings on all seven continents. In his new role, Littleton will continue to lead the implementation and management of the company's information systems, including local and wide area networks, software conversions, year 2000 readiness and e-commerce solutions, along with overseeing CSI facilities.


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