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New Products

DGH Systems is proud to announce our new InterVisor software for Carel controls. This new software allows Supervision of Carel controls through a web browser over a building IntraNet or through the World Wide Web. Imagine - no more tedious polling of remote sites by modem. Just check your Email!

On Site Connection To Ethernet

Simply run the normal RS485 Supervisor serial network between the Carel controls, then connect, through an RS485 to RS232 converter, to any PC running Windows. Load the InterVisor software on this host PC and it automatically sets up the PC as a web server running a website that is now available to anyone, from any PC sitting on the IntraNet in the building. No more need to run back to a central PC somewhere remote - just grab the nearest one!

Remote Connection by Email

The host PC can be programmed to send periodic Email reports, or to send Email alarms as needed to IntraNet or InterNet mailboxes. This Email can be sent to different or multiple mailboxes depending on the type of alarm or report - even to digital cellular phones! To direct connect, simply dial up the host PC, open your web browser and connect!

Opto 22 SNAP Ethernet I/O 

What is SNAP Ethernet I/O?
SNAP Ethernet I/O connects you to the real world. It uses the same technology that you use in your company and the Internet to provide connectivity to a wide variety of electronic and mechanical devices, such as lights, temperature and pressure sensors, motors, serial devices, and more.

Implementation options for SNAP Ethernet I/O include:

According to ARC (Automation Research Company), 96% of all the world's networks use Ethernet TCP/IP, including your company network, your company intranet, and the Internet. SNAP Ethernet I/O is fully compatible with all these networks.

Air Monitor Corporation's VOLU-flo/ OAM

Outdoor Air Monitor

The VOLU-flo/OAM is both a monitor for measurement of minimum outside airflow requirements, and a three-mode controller to maintain the inlet damper at the desired minimum, economizer or external setpoint. The VOLU-flo/OAM has been designed to directly measure inducted outside air, thereby assisting building owners and operators to meet the minimum outside air ventilation requirements of ASHRAE 62-89 and serve as a tool to assist in balancing the diverse demands of providing employee safety and occupant satisfaction while maintaining energy conservation.

Innovative Web Browser Technology Allows Secure Connections to CASI-RUSCO'S Picture Perfect™ System From Anywhere in the World

LAS VEGAS, Nevada - (September 27, 1999) - CASI-RUSCO today unveiled Web Browser for Picture Perfect™. The advanced internet-based interface can use any web browser to provide an Intranet connection to CASI-RUSCO's widely-used Picture Perfect™ access control and security management system from anywhere in the world.

With the Picture Perfect™ Web Browser, approved users can connect to and administer the system from any computer with Intranet access, without any additional client-server software. The ability to efficiently and effectively manage security needs is dramatically improved since authorized personnel can now remotely monitor and control all facets of the system with a familiar user URL.
The Picture Perfect™ Web Browser needs only to be installed on the Picture Perfect™ server. A remote user then signs on to the client's Intranet, invoking all of Picture Perfect's™ security controls. Access to the system is granted by inputting the same user ID and passwords that are used when signing on to Picture Perfect™ from a computer with system software. Familiar screens and pull-down menus appear, and function keys remain the same, so there is no additional training required to utilize Picture Perfect™ Web Browser's capabilities

CASI-RUSCO is a division of Oregon-based SLC Technologies, a corporation devoted to providing a complete range of commercial and residential security solutions worldwide. CASI-RUSCO delivers its innovative product lines through its Business Partner network of experienced, independent distributors dedicated to outstanding systems integration, technical knowledge and customer service. To locate the CASI-RUSCO Business Partner nearest you, call CASI-RUSCO at (800) 428-2733 or visit the CASI-RUSCO web site at


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