February 2009
New Products

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Tiny Multipoint RF Saelig Introduces Integrate Tiny Multipoint RF Design with Analog and Digital I/O Directly on to Your PCB

EmbedRF Integrated is a new RF solution for economically and rapidly adding low power wireless capabilities to your own analog or digital product, without requiring any network license fees or complex RF skills. Based on the proven EmbedRF board, EmbedRF Integrated consists of the EmbedRF Baseband Processor, a low cost Microchip PIC microcontroller preloaded with EmbedRF OS firmware and carefully designed Gerber design files for integrating an RF design directly into your own board.  For more information visit http://www.saelig.com/pr/embedrfint.htm



Elk-RMS Consumer SoftwareElk-RMS Consumer Software

Elk-RMS Consumer Software is created for the remote management of Elk M1 controls. This redesigned software provides graphical control for security, lighting, thermostats, tasks, outputs, distributed audio, etc.  It can also provide access to IP cameras & DVRs, weather, your favorite websites, and more.  The software is included on Elk touch screens and is also available for installation on Microsoft Windows PCs. System Requirements: Computing Device Running Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework. Installs and runs on any pc running Microsoft Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, or Server 2003.  For more information, visit www.elkproducts.com




Ezhometech 29th customer also licenses Signage SDK for 1080p HD signage player market.

Ezhometech announces the 29th customer that licenses Ezhometech Signage SDK for 1080p HD signage player market. The higher resolution LCD TV needs higher quality video output in signage player, hence, Ezhometech provides 1080p HD signage SDK for the trend. If you need more information about 1080p HD signage player, please refer Ezhometech signage SDK link: http://www.ezhometech.com/signage_4_sdk.htm

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