January 2011
New Products

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Compri HX WebEnginePriva Introduces Compri HX WebEngine

The Compri HX WebEngine is a new internet-based solution from Priva Building Intelligence that ensures building management over the web is smarter than ever before. Designed for use with Priva’s Compri HX controller, this latest development from control specialists Priva guarantees a complete web-based solution without the use of a high capacity server. As well as making it unnecessary to install separate software on control and service PCs, the ability to more effectively operate and manage a BAS over the internet offers scores of benefits. Managing data, reading trend storage and displaying it graphically, setting values and retrieving documents are all possible when using Compri HX WebEngine from Priva. Remote management over the internet, or local management over the network using web technology, has never been easier. The Compri HX WebEngine is ideally suited to customers with multi-site operations with a common IT network, such as local councils, retails chains and schools and colleges.

For more information visit  http://www.priva.nl/smartsite.dws?setMarkt=2&setArea=-1&id=14832

JACE-NXTTridium Announces New, High Performance Embedded Controller

JACE-NXT provides expanded power and functionality with full functions of the Niagara Framework®

The JACE-NXT is a Windows-based, fully configurable, high performance controller configured with the full functions of the Niagara Framework®. The JACE-NXT is the fastest JACE within Tridium's embedded controller portfolio and includes a built-in Lonworks FTT10A communications port as well as an RS-485 and RS-232 port for integrations of a variety of communication protocols. The unit is ideal for commercial and industrial installations where connectivity, interoperability and flexible integration with multiple systems using one simple device are desired. The unit enables users and integrators to seamlessly integrate LonWorks®, BACnet®, Modbus®, OPC®, oBIX, and other standard protocols with legacy systems to deliver a unified, real-time controls network. It also brings management and control information right to a Web browser, so operators can manage a facility more efficiently, conveniently and cost-effectively.

For more information visit www.tridium.com

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