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Alerton's ViewPort - BACNET Operator TerminalVIEWPORTÔ - A Compact BACnet Operator Terminal

The Alerton̉ BACtalk̉ViewportÔ is a compact operator terminal for Alerton BACtalk for Windows̉ systems. It is fully programmable and displays can be customized for each site. It has an 8-button keypad, adjustable backlit LCD, and a simple menu structure to give occupants and technicians intuitive access to system information.

The Viewport connects directly to the MS/TP LAN of a BACnet system and can be wall or panel mounted. The Viewport offers an economical alternative to a PC-based operator terminal for small sites and a convenient access point for larger installations.

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Teletrol Systems Inc. Releases Ensemble 2.00Teletrol's Ensemble 2.00

Manchester, NH - (June, 2000) - Teletrol Systems is proud to announce the release of Ensemble 2.00, an upgrade to Teletrol's Windows-based configuration, monitoring and programming software package for the Integrator product line. Many significant enhancements have been incorporated into Ensemble 2.00, including advanced alarm handling, greater support for group operations, a new, interactive help system, and a new user manual to highlight the features of this new edition. Ensemble 2.00 runs on Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, and Windows 2000 and communicates with Teletrol controllers over modem, direct serial connection, ARCNET and Ethernet networks, and Teletrol's high speed LAN.

new digital temperature loggerNew digital temperature logger: Throw out the paper disk measures

ICC has released a new monitor that measures temperature in an entirely new way. The HeatCheck is a waterproof unit about the size of a watch battery. The HeatCheck monitors temperatures for up to 10 years. After registering temperatures, download readings into a PC quickly and easily through a parallel or serial port. It can hook up to manage more than 100 places at a time from one Windows PC, or it can operate independently on an internal battery and recharge during data download. contemporary The system is available from Integrated Climate Controls. 

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Teletrol Systems Inc. Releases RSM III for TSC Roof Top Controllers Teletrol's RSMIII for Roof Top Controllers

Manchester, NH - (June, 2000) - Teletrol has recently released a version of the RSM III space temperature sensor that supports the application specific TSC Roof Top controller. The RSM III features an LED display for viewing space temperature and a simple user interface to allow the controller to be configured and its setpoints to be modified. It also supports a standard 10k thermistor, setpoint adjust, and local zone override. The RSM III is designed to operate with Teletrol's TSC product line, which are FLASH memory based unitary controllers with built in application support. In addition to Roof Top controllers, the RSM III sensors are also currently available with Teletrol's VAV and BlocPro controllers.

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Tractivity - Activity-Based Job Management SystemTractivity - Activity-Based Job Management System

TractivityÔ by Specialized Solutions, Inc. is the first activity- based job management system utilizing portable electronic timecard technology. This breakthrough product frees employees from paper timesheets and fixed-point data entry while automatically collecting job and activity details. Powerful analytical reports alert management to opportunities for lowering costs and increasing productivity.

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CT-2100 and CT-1000

AirTest Technologies Inc.
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The CT-2100 Parking Structure Monitor is a single or dual channel Vehicle Exhaust emissions gas detection system featuring Low and High user-adjustable alarm points. The alarm activates separate 10 amp relays for each channel. In addition, a separate relay is activated upon system failure.


The CT-1000 Parking Structure Monitor is a single channel Vehicle Exhaust emissions gas detection system featuring Low and High user-adjustable alarm points. The alarm activates separate 5 amp relays.


New Dragon electronic thermostats match contemporary designs of today's sophisticated buildings and offices.

Siemens Building Technologies is proud to introduce the newest family member of the Products Group, the Dragon series of electronic thermostats. Appearance, functionality and affordability sum up the major benefits of this series.

"When developing the Dragon thermostats, we wanted to be sure the appearance matched the sleek, contemporary designs found in today's offices, conference rooms and classrooms," says Siemens Building Technologies' Associate Marketing Manager. "Offering a quality, affordable product that could be used in new construction or remodeling was also a major consideration."

The Dragon comes in either 20 volt or 110 volt models. Tamperproof housings to restrict manual adjustments are also available. Compatible with any building management system, the Dragon series currently includes three room models:

Select either 24 volt or 110 volt models. Also request tamperproof housing to restrict manual adjustments.

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