Press Release - June 2001
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FieldCentrix News

Electronic Equipment Catalogs and Diagnostic Checklists to Help Field Technicians Work Smarter

Irvine, Calif. -  FieldCentrix, the largest, most experienced provider of Internet-based field service automation solutions, announced electronic equipment catalogs and online troubleshooting software as a new, add-on offering for the FX Mobile® product. FX Mobile, a module of the FieldCentrix Enterprise software suite, links technicians in the field service industry with the office via innovative workflow software, wireless communications and handheld computers. The industry-specific catalogs are pre-loaded with hundreds of equipment makes and models, and standard service readings, tasks and diagnostics for each type of equipment.

Honored For Field Force Automation Product

FieldCentrix has won the Cingular Best Solution Award for 2001. This award recognizes the most innovative commercial products for the Cingular Interactive Intelligent Wireless Network in field force automation, telemetry and transactions, and mobile professionals. FieldCentrix was honored for its field force automation product, FieldCentrix Enterprise.

FieldCentrix Enterprise software uses wireless communications, handheld computers, advanced software and the Internet to automate the costly, time-consuming, paper-intensive processes associated with field service operations. These processes include communication between the field technician and the office, receipt of work assignments, completion of work orders and making information ready for invoice and payroll.

Michael Roppolo Vice President of Sales

Irvine, Calif. - FieldCentrix®, the largest and most experienced provider of wireless and Internet-based software for the field service industry, today named Michael Roppolo vice president of sales. Roppolo joins the company from, an e-based business solutions provider for the commercial real estate industry.

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