Press Release - June 2001
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contemporary Honeywell Introduces the ControLinks™ Combustion Analyzer, the First that Communicates with a Fuel-air Control System

Technicians Can Analyze Emissions and Make Adjustments From One Location

Minneapolis, Minnesota - Honeywell [NYSE: HON] today introduced a new tool that aids set up and scheduled service of commercial/industrial power burner applications. The Honeywell ControLinks™ Combustion Analyzer is the first combustion service tool that communicates directly with a fuel-air control system. When the Combustion Analyzer is used with the ControLinks Fuel Air Control System service technicians can, from one location, analyze combustion stack emissions and burner performance, electronically adjust the fuel-air ratio and get instantaneous feedback on those adjustments. The device also may be used as a general-purpose analyzer. 

Combustion analyzers are used to gauge combustion efficiency and test emissions for safety and environmental compliance. The ControLinks Combustion Analyzer simultaneously measures and displays levels of flue gas oxygen (O2), carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen oxides (NOx), flue gas and air temperature, carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations and draft measurement. 

Honeywell's ControLinks™ Fuel Air Control System proves a powerful competitor to traditional mechanical cam and linkage assemblies for the commercial/light industrial burner market. With its innovative linkage-less design, the system performs to 0.1degree accuracy using independent fuel-air curves and saves energy. The system controls the relationships between fuel flow, airflow and flue gas recirculation (if used) on a one- or two-fuel power burner.

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