Press Release -June 2001
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Silicon Energy News

Energy Concerns Fuel Revenue Growth

Alameda, Ca. - Silicon Energy provides leading Enterprise Energy Management solutions to manage energy use efficiently, control energy costs and optimize the energy procurement process. Less than two years since Silicon Energy's initial product launch, the nation's energy crisis is calling for energy conservation throughout California and the West, and there is growing concern that other regions of the U.S. will experience similar problems due to an imbalance of energy supply and demand, making energy management a hot topic at corporations and organizations nationwide.

As a result, more than 40 direct enterprise customers and hundreds of energy service providers' customers around the world use Silicon Energy's EEM SuiteTM software solution. This growing popularity fueled revenue growth of 1,000 percent from 1999 to 2000, and a 500 percent increase year-to-date in 2001 over the same period last year.

Silicon Energy One of 13 Companies to Participate in Energy Efficiency Technology Roundtable

ALAMEDA, Calif., (May 29, 2001) - Silicon Energy today met privately with President Bush to present its energy efficient and cost-saving technology as one immediate and meaningful solution to the nation's energy crisis. The company's software system has the potential to help reduce the risk of blackouts and avoid high cost energy purchases by increasing marketplace efficiency.

As one of 13 companies invited by White House officials to participate in the Energy Efficiency Technology Roundtable, Silicon Energy demonstrated to the President how its Internet-based load management technology allows households, businesses and utilities to manage, control and reduce their energy use, costs and risks in real time. By giving users a better understanding of energy use and timely price information, customers can make better energy demand decisions on an as-needed basis, particularly during peak periods when energy demands exceed supplies.

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