Press Release - May 2001
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Eagle Technology, Inc.'s Maintenance Manager Programs - The smart choice for maintenance management in Metasys-equipped buildings.

With more than 14,000 installations in 40 countries, the Johnson Controls, Inc., (JCI) Metasys® Building Automation System is one of the world's leading facility automation programs. A good portion of this popularity can be traced to JCI's 1992 decision to make Metasys an open system. This allowed other companies to design their facility management products to interface with Metasys, resulting in greatly improved functionality and much higher ROI on facility management investments.

Today, 125 companies produce Metasys Compatible products including Eagle Technology, Inc. Eagle, located only 20 minutes from JCI's headquarters in Milwaukee, WI, has been a Metasys Preferred Connectivity Partner since 1998 and is the leading supplier of Metasys compatible maintenance management systems.

Eagle's Maintenance Manager line of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) puts plant and facility maintenance staff on top of repairs for equipment tracked with Metasys. Maintenance Manager is designed to respond whenever equipment monitored by Metasys goes into an alarm condition or reaches a pre-set runtime total. When either of these events occur, an appropriate maintenance work order is generated automatically.

Combining Maintenance Manager with Metasys integrates the maintenance department fully into TFM and also improves priority response to equipment breakdowns. As an added bonus, Maintenance Manager is an excellent tool for improving maintenance department organization, reducing costs and collecting the preventive maintenance data necessary to qualify for ISO and other industry certifications.

The Maintenance Manager line has programs to fit any size facility and maintenance department. Maintenance Manager Lite is a basic program, perfect for small facilities or for the single user environment. Maintenance Manager Expert and Maintenance Manager Enterprise offer top functionality for medium-large sized facilities needing multiple workstations and users.

Our newest program, Maintenance Manager II, has been hailed as a new cost/performance leader in the CMMS industry. The program uses Eagle's CS2 Database Optimization Technology™ to operate 3-5 times faster than other maintenance programs. Also, Maintenance Manager II can handle inventories for facilities with multiple stockrooms and can manage multiple databases for customers who want to track more than one division or facility with the system.

Maintenance Manager II's Service Request Module helps Metasys users by providing the convenient E-Link feature, which allows work orders generated by Metasys to be sent to maintenance personnel through email or pager messages.

At this time, Eagle is working on building an interface from Maintenance Manager II to JCI's new M3 and M5 programs demonstrating the company's dedication to providing the best in maintenance management solutions to JCI's Metasys customers.

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