Press Release - May 2001
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ExperTune - Optimize Any Control Loop via Self-Adaptive Connection Wizards

contemporary The greatest barrier to optimizing control loops is often getting analysis software connected to the loop. Now, ExperTune has made this easy for ANY controller.

Use ExperTune's optimization tools to increase the efficiency of your process. Use ExperTune software to fully optimize control loops in any industrial controller. ExperTune includes powerful valve testing and wear analysis, statistical and variability analysis, linearization for optimal production at all production rates, pH linearizer, power spectral density to uncover hidden cycles, loop simulation, modeling, robustness, multivariable, frequency response and PID loop tuning tools.

ExperTune includes an extensive list of setup wizards to get you connected to your controller. However, if there's not already a connection wizard in the list for your controller, ExperTune software automatically develops one for you the first time you connect to the controller.

Your first time connecting, answer the Wizard's detailed questions. When you have finished connecting your first loop, ExperTune will have created a Wizard making it super-easy to connect to more loops.

The wizards connect to your controller using your DDE or OPC server. DDE is Microsoft's Windows Dynamic Data Exchange built into 95,98, NT and 2000. OPC is Ole for Process Control. There are DDE or OPC servers for virtually all modern digital controllers.

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