Press Release - May 2002
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Comprehensive Facilities Management Strategies Increase ROA

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Extract from ARCwire for the Week Ending May 3, 2002

As capital budgets continue to be cut, manufacturers must find ways to increase their ROA and get more from their existing assets. To accomplish this, facilities managers must go beyond their current focus of paying less per kilowatt-hour of electricity or less for contract labor and take a comprehensive approach to facilities management. Integrated Building Automation Systems (BASs) provide facilities managers with the tools they need to increase their ROA and reduce operating costs. Many facilities managers, however, are leery to invest in integrated BASs for fear of a lack of internal technical expertise and the higher initial cost of these systems.

In a recent ARC Insight, Senior Analyst Dave Clayton says, "to increase ROA, manufacturers must learn to strategically manage their brick and mortar assets. Manufacturers can save millions of dollars in energy costs, increase productivity and employee morale, and attract high quality recruits by strategically leveraging these assets. Optimizing facilities management improves a company's ability to provide those employees with a productive environment and significantly improves a company's ROA. When managed strategically, buildings can become tools to support the company's strategic goals instead of liabilities that drag down profits."


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