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Reliable Controls Releases RC-WebView 3.13


May 26, 2020 Victoria, BC, Canada – Reliable Controls is pleased to announce the release of RC-WebView 3.13. RC-WebView is an easy-to-use browser-based building management solution that allows operators and administrators to efficiently manage any internet-connected building automation system.


RC-WebView 3.13 includes the following new features:

Provides options for compliance with Title 21 CFR Part 11:
New digitally signed audit logs to ensure authenticity.
New second approval for security changes.
New printout watermark security option.
New password expiry option triggers the automatic expiry of passwords after a specified number of days.
New option to lock out a user account after a specified number of failed logon attempts.
New Enterprise Schedule queue lets you view the list of pending and failed Enterprise Schedule sends.
New audit trail filtering feature automatically filters event data specific to the page the user is currently viewing.
New support for solid color backgrounds with configurable dimensions, element layering, static images, and Landing Pads in enhanced System Groups implemented in RC-StudioŽ 3.6.2.
New ability to create, modify, and delete Point Reports.
Improved replace color, polygon, and graduated polygon feature performance.
Improved audit trail logging to include changes made to an Enterprise Website’s configuration.
Improved security support to include TLS 1.2.
Improved drag and right-click operations when you modify BACnet schedules using a touchscreen device.
RC-WebView combines the power of enterprise tools with a simple interface that connects multiple independent control systems into a single enterprise. Managing your building operations has never been easier.

Learn more about RC-WebView:


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