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Staefa MS1800 expands capabilities and flexibility with upgrade

Staefa Control System's MS1800 system is an accurate and easy-to-use building automation and energy management system. The already Year 2000 compliant system now offers improved graphics, greater flexibility, new alarm notification and better security with enhanced password protection levels. Designed for small- to medium-sized facilities and centralized management of individual systems in separate locations, Staefa's MS1800 system integrates stand-alone DDC (Direct Digital Control) and energy management systems.

Reliable Controls "With the release of the MS1800 Version 1.3, operators, building owners and facility managers will benefit from an affordable building automation system with even more user-friendly attributes than previous versions," explains Staefa's Senior Marketing Manager, Kristin Mahoney.

The MS1800 Version 1.3 includes the following improvements:
· The improved color palette allows operators to select different colors for components, such as a return air fan, and turns off and on to help simulate their own facility's environment.
· New alarm feature notifies operators of system problems while working on different programs. The alarm notification eliminates the need for a designated MS1800 workstation.
· With expanded functionality of jump tags, operators can move easier and more quickly from one graphic screen to the next.
· Jump tags can be individually sized, allowing a specific component such as a fan on an air handling graphic or an entire office on a typical floor plan graphic to have its own jump tag.
· Enhanced password protection levels allow different access levels from limited access to managing the entire system.

Since 1962, Staefa Control System has been an international leader in the manufacturing, installation and service of building control and management systems. As part of the Siemens Building Technologies family, Staefa Control System utilizes the vast technical resources of this industrial leader. Authorized Staefa dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada provide the best in comfort control advancements, customer service and support.

For more information about the Staefa MS1800, visit Staefa's Web site,, or contact Staefa at 1000 Deerfield Parkway, Buffalo Grove, Illinois 60089, (847) 215-1000.

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