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PSA Security Networks Recommends Motorola FlexPass RFID Security Products for New Installations

ASIS, Orlando, FL. (September 13, 2000) – Motorola today announced that PSA Security Network, a large international electronic security systems company, now recommends Motorola FlexPass™ RFID security products for all new installations of proximity security and access control systems.

Control Solutions, Inc “We see Motorola putting the kind of energy into customer service that produces and sustains real results, and we like that,” says Jim Hawver, vice-president of sales and marketing at PSA Security Network. “PSA Security Network and our 200 dealer/owners have built their security businesses on the same values – service, quality, and reliability. We want an associate for security products like Motorola that delivers consistently reliable products, and our experience with FlexPass has been very favorable. For those reasons, we are suggesting that all of our members use Motorola FlexPass for new installations.”

“We are understandably thrilled with PSA’s decision to use FlexPass for all new security installations,” said Kathy Graham, Motorola Worldwide Smartcard Solutions Division’s director of marketing and product management. “PSA and its members have a great industry reputation for service, and they put that reputation on the line every time they install a new system. That an industry leader like PSA entrusts that reputation to Motorola is a great testimony to the ongoing effort of our team to provide outstanding service and reliability for our security products.”

About PSA Security Network PSA Security Network is one of the nation’s largest security system integrators with over 175 offices worldwide. An association of owner members, this elite corps of security entrepreneurs is dedicated to a high level of customer service and technical expertise. PSA is about people who are community-based and civic minded. Combine this with unparalleled equipment selection, national buying power, total system integration, streamlined project management and the ability to serve multiple locations, and you have the PSA advantage.

Motorola Introduces FlexPass OEM RFID Security Products

ASIS, Orlando, FL. (September 13, 2000) – Motorola today announced a new family of radio frequency identification (RFID) FlexPass™ board-level products for OEM customers. The new family of products significantly expand the security market by making it possible to design new products and applications that work with existing Motorola RFID proximity access security cards.

“The new FlexPass OEM products complement and extend the full line of Motorola RFID solutions,” said Kathy Graham, director of marketing and product management for Motorola Worldwide Smartcard Solutions Division. “Our vision of intelligent access control includes having a range of security solutions and applications, because the best solution depends on the requirements of individual customers. We think it is essential that we make it possible for innovative OEM associates to bring new applications that extend the utility and increase the value of security cards. Introducing these board-level OEM products underscores our commitment to achieving this vision.”

An example of this is RF IDeas™, a Motorola OEM customer who has taken an innovative approach to network security. Working with Motorola’s board-level OEM reader technology and associated software, they developed a new hardware and software package that attaches to desktop computers and provides users with network access control, document signing, and other security applications using existing Motorola RFID security cards. This allows access control users to get in the building and into their computer using the same RFID security card.

Another OEM offering is from VT TECH™, who offers ProxWriter™. This product programs and prints Motorola RFID cards, integrating Motorola’s OEM RFID reader technology with Eltron® die sublimation printers for plastic cards. It is well suited for high-quality printing of individual cards, such as those used for photo-personalized security credentials. Now security managers or access control distributors can print custom images and program at the same time, virtually eliminating long custom card lead times while providing higher security into the access control system.

In keeping with Motorola’s goal to continuously improve service in the security industry, the OEM products include the software support required to develop complete solutions. Motorola also provides consulting and engineering assistance to help clients develop solutions.

About Motorola Inc. Motorola, Inc. (NYSE:MOT) is a global leader in providing embedded electronic and integrated communications solutions. 

More information on Motorola’s Worldwide Smartcard Solutions Division can be found at

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