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News from Cristal Controls on Lonwork's low voltage lighting control systems.

Let There Be Light

Today, more and more buildings are realizing the rewards of using a LIGHTING CONTROL SYSTEM.  By using the right LIGHTING CONTROL SYSTEM companies are saving tens of thousands of dollars annually on utility bills.

Reliable Controls After many  years of involvement with the Lonworks® technology this is the first true Lonworks® low voltage lighting control system. This new LNS® base software runs on Windows® 95 or 98. The user has the ability to reprogram or apply schedule modifications and logins for relamping, renaming relays (panel or group) in a user-friendly structure.

Cristal Controls Lighting system is a scheduler and energy management software package for lighting systems.  It allows the creation of schedules, groupings of relays (and of groups). The configuration of the system lies in the distributed LonWorks controllers. To communicate between the computer and the lighting control network, a network interface is necessary. These can be internal cards which can be installed in an office computer, a PCMCIA card for portable computers, or a serial network adapter for modem connections and the SLTA-10 which connects on a port series or a modem. Saturn also supports a remote telephone interface. Using this telephone interface, through voice prompting and your telephone keypad, you can control your entire lighting system from a remote location.


 Pierre Chaput
Cristal Contrôles Ltée
1375 Bl Charest Ouest no 25
Québec, Québec G1N 2E7


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