Press Release - Sept 2000
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Cristal Controls Ltd Announces Release of NanoTool 64® 

contemporary New Network Manager Solutions for LonWorks® 

Quebec City, Quebec Canada – Cristal Controls Ltd., a Canadian leader in rapid deployment software and hardware for the LonWorks® environment, today announced the commercial release of its newest LNS base product, NanoTool64®. The company said the new product represents the company's ability to accurately and quickly transform user requirements into cost-effective solutions. NanoTool64® represents a total new design of network manager. The NanoTool64® is an intuitive and easy to use network tool that installs and manages LonWorks LNS Networks up to 64 nodes including communication interface.

This product is the first light installing tool for Network integrators and the NanoTool64® will deliver a complete spectrum of capability to companies committed to LNS (LonWorks® Network Services). 

The NanoTool64® enable the users of LonWorks® to design, implement and install their projects faster and more productively than ever before. 

About Cristal Controls Ltd Cristal Controls Ltd . is a Canadian leading supplier of rapid deployment solutions for implementing LonWorks® projects in building, school, hospital and industrial automation. simplify and automate the conversion of engineering concepts into the capable, but complex environment of LonWorks®. Headquartered in Quebec City, Quebec the company has additional offices in Montreal, Que and Boca Raton Fl. 

For more information, please visit Cristal Controls‘s web site at

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