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Johnson Controls' New Technology Center uses EBTRON to help show-off MetaSys 

contemporary Myrtle Beach: The Brengel Technology Center in downtown Milwaukee is seven-stories, 120,000 ft2 (11 150 m2) and is also a working showcase for Johnson Control's latest technologies.

The building uses EBTRON's IAQ Enforcerä Series instrumentation for airflow control, employing EBTRON's unique microprocessor-based "TD" (thermal dispersion) measurement technology in a digitally networked system.

Each of the three air handlers in this VAV design has a dedicated EBTRON SPC panel (system processing center) where several volumetric flow rates are locally consolidated for ease of installation. The SPC provides a single point to power with 24 VAC and from which to wire analog outputs representing discreet measurement points. The IAQ Enforcerä network also levers component economies-of-scale and uses the panel's greater computing power for precision control.

Each EBTRON SPC is capable of handling from 1 to 28 measurement inputs and up to 12 flow and/or temperature outputs. It is very economical when applied with VAV air handlers where combinations of 3 or more of the following air-side variables are to be monitored and controlled:

1. Minimum Outside Air, 2. Economizer Intake, 3. Supply, 4. Return / Relief, and 5. Exhaust.

The MetaSys DDC system at the Technology Center is continuously receiving highly resolved EBTRON inputs for airflow at the outside air intakes, and allow the return fan's performance to track supply volume changes during normal VAV operation. Due to the stability and accuracy of these inputs, the MetaSys system is able to very reliably control both building pressurization and dilution ventilation rates, under all operating and environmental conditions.

The Metasys Building Automation System integrates HVAC, lighting, security and fire systems. The newest Johnson Controls technology allows employees to individually adjust temperature, lighting, background noise and airflow.

The mechanical systems in the Technology Center were designed by consulting engineering firm, Ring and DuChateau. It is one of the first buildings designated a Green Building by the U.S. Green Building Council's new rating system and is intended to provide space for up to 400 employees. It is located next to Johnson Controls business headquarters.

EBTRON announces seminar successes 

Myrtle Beach, SC,  As part of it's aggressive 2000 marketing program, EBTRON has allocated significant resources to support the efforts of its highly skilled network of independent manufacturers' representatives and to target efforts to further penetrate specific non-residential construction markets.

These plans included participation in a series of specific trade shows and conferences, as well as company-sponsored IAQ Seminars across the country. The seminar, entitled "Real Control for IAQ" is targeting mechanical engineers and building operators, which focuses on: Ventilation code requirements for compliance, IAQ risk management, Realities of building pressurization Dilution air control in VAV Systems, and Comparative review of commercially-available airflow measurement technologies.

Seminars are being scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis throughout the country. To date, EBTRON and their local Sales Representatives have jointly sponsored over 15 seminars, with venues including: Boston, Philadelphia, Northern New Jersey, New York City, Chicago, Kansas City, Columbus/Cincinnati, Detroit, Grand Rapids, and others.

More are scheduled for the fall.

Private, organization-specific seminars are also being planned, as requested by qualifying governmental and corporate organizations.

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