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Information Appliances Will Out-ship PCs in 2001

contemporary Dallas - A new study conducted by Parks Associates, Information Appliances and Pervasive Net Access, indicates that information appliances will out-ship PCs in the United States in as early as 2001.

The term "information appliance" - along with Internet appliance, network appliance, and access appliance - describes alternatives to the personal computer that are designed to benefit from network services. Parks Associates defines an information appliance as a relatively low-cost, easy-to-use, reliable, special-purpose device that obtains and presents, captures and reports, and/or stores and manages various types of information in order to bring the benefits of the Internet to consumers. Specific products that can be classified as information appliances include Internet-connected TVs, consumer network computers, Web tablets, e-mail only devices, screen phones, Internet game consoles, handheld PCs/personal digital assistants, Internet-enabled mobile phones, and automotive telematics systems.

Parks Associates' research on information appliances suggests that in 22 million in-home information appliances (excluding Internet-enabled mobile phones and telematics systems) will ship in the United States in 2001, compared with 18 million home PCs in the same year. By the end of 2005, Parks Associates forecasts that total revenues from all information appliances (including Internet-enabled mobile phones and telematics systems) will reach $33.7 billion.

"The market for information appliances will grow very rapidly," says Tricia Parks, president of Parks Associates. "This provides a huge opportunity to numerous industries involved in the development of products and services that take advantage of the Internet."

For more information, please contact Steve Harvey at

The Light Commercial Marketplace: Security, Energy Management, Communications, and Lighting

In the two years since Parks Associates last looked at the light commercial market, there have been significant advances and changes in the capabilities and prices of available systems for security, energy, communications and lighting. This has translated to an increased demand for these systems and their corollary services. The light commercial market is now recognized as a prime - and as yet largely untapped - opportunity for hardware manufacturers and service providers. Parks Associates is proposing a comprehensive study of this multi-faceted marketplace. 

The study will provide the following:

competitor profiles on the providers of equipment and corollary services in security, energy management, communications, and lighting; end-user research with purchasing/subscription decision makers in the five largest vertical light commercial segments, including quick-service restaurants, full-service restaurants, grocery stores, retail apparel and accessories, and miscellaneous retail. 

Methodology - This analysis will be completed through the use of secondary national and regional information on businesses occupying less than 50,000 square feet and with less than 50 employees. The study will address the five largest vertical markets among quick-service restaurants, grocery stores, full-service restaurants, retail apparel and accessory stores, and miscellaneous retail stores. Parks Associates will conduct more than 500 surveys and interviews equally divided among each of the vertical markets. From these, Parks Associates will develop qualitative estimates of current system penetration by vertical market for security, energy management, communication, and lighting systems.

In addition, Parks Associates will gather and analyze decision-maker information on attitudes about the desirability of integrated systems, bundled services, and preferred suppliers. Finally, the study will rank and rate the importance of purchase criteria for these categories including system capabilities, price, provider issues, channel issues, reliability, user interfaces, system expandability, and more. The results of this study will be presented in six volumes:

Volume 1: Overview
Volume 2: Security Systems
Volume 3: Energy Management Systems
Volume 4: Communication Systems
Volume 5: Lighting Systems
Volume 6: Integrated Systems, Preferred Providers of Bundles Services and Service Provider Characteristics

For more information about this study, please contact Steve Harevy at 

About Parks Associates: Parks Associates is a Dallas, Texas-based market research firm specializing in emerging technologies and services for the home. Founded in 1986, Parks Associates provides primary and secondary research on home systems, in-home networks, home security, consumer electronics, telecommunications, Internet service, energy utility, and subscription TV industries. Parks Associates'

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