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Z-World Releases Rabbit 2000 Core Module Microprocessor Core Saves Cost and Design Time

Control Solutions, Inc Davis, Calif. — Today Z-World announces the availability of the Rabbit 2000 Core Module which provides the essential interface between partner Rabbit Semiconductor’s Rabbit 2000 microprocessor and the customer’s application-specific hardware. Z-World is offering the Rabbit 2000 Core Module as a stand-alone or as part of a comprehensive development kit to immediately facilitate development.

Measuring just 1.90" x 2.30", the Rabbit 2000 Core Module is compact while still encompassing the components needed to launch any custom design. These components include: · 40 general purpose I/0s · SRAM & Flash · Memory I/O interface — 13 address lines, 8 data lines, I/O Read/Write · Backup battery interface · Master-slave control pins · Five 8-bit and two 10-bit timers · Four CMOS compatible serial ports · Rabbit 2000 microprocessor

Fast number crunching provided by a 25.8Mhz clock along with flash and SRAM provide a development-ready memory interface. The Rabbit 2000 Core Module is ready for immediate software development. User programs are developed using Z-World’s Dynamic C, a C-language environment including an editor, compiler and debugger. Programs can be compiled and executed using the Dynamic C software and a programming cable. No in-circuit emulator is required. The Rabbit 2000 Core Module is ideal for reducing production costs, prototyping a new design, and reducing time-to-market. In addition to the development kit, there are three versions of the Rabbit 2000 Core Module currently available—a base core module with 25.8 MHz clock and 512K SRAM, a core module with 25.8MHz clock and 128K SRAM, and a core module with 18.432 MHz clock and 128K SRAM. 

Development Kit 
The Rabbit 2000 Core Module Development kit provides a simple, inexpensive way to begin hardware and software development using the Rabbit 2000 Core Module. This kit includes a Rabbit 2000 Core Module (RCM2020), getting started quick-reference guide, AC adapter, prototyping board, programming cable, documentation including user’s manual and schematics on CD ROM, and a complete Dynamic C software development system (not a trial version). The core module and prototyping board allow immediate development and compilation. A host PC downloads executable code into flash memory or battery backed RAM. 

Z-World Offers Low-Cost, Intelligent Terminal With Ethernet

Davis, Calif. — Today, Z-World announces the new Intellicom Series. This low-cost terminal is the only operator interface in its price class with built-in I/O and Ethernet connectivity. Being C-programmable, this intelligent terminal provides OEMs complete design flexibility to create a custom operator interface. The Intellicom Series offers direct connection to a 10BaseT Ethernet network and communicates with serial devices via RS-232 or RS-485.

Full TCP/IP source code is provided with Dynamic C Premier software on CD-ROM complete with IMCP, HTTP (includes facilities for SSI, CGI routines, cookies, and basic authentication), SMTP, FTP, and TFTP (client/server) capabilities. Also included are Ethernet drivers for Realtek NE2000 chipset so OEMs can directly write to TCP or UDP sockets to develop custom applications. Like all Z-World products, there is no run-time royalties required for the Intellicom Series, saving OEMs significant costs over the life of the application. A long list of standard features include a high-visibility 4x20 character display with backlighting for excellent character legibility and a tactile feedback 2x6 keypad with a customizable legend. RS-232 and RS-485 serial ports offer fast communication over both short and long distances. Eight general purpose I/Os provide control functionality. Additional standard features include flash and 128K SRAM as well as an internal variable frequency and volume speaker. The Intellicom Series is also water resistant when panel mounted using the supplied gasket and can be wall-mounted with its impact-resistant plastic enclosure.

Z-World Offers Dynamic C® Premier For Rabbit 2000 Microprocessor Dynamic C 

Premier Includes MicroC/OS-II, Fast Fourier Transform, and TCP/IP

Davis, Calif. — Today, Z-World announces the availability of the newest version of Dynamic C integrated development software, Dynamic C Premier. Dynamic C Premier includes all the functionalities of previous versions of Dynamic C plus a MicroC/OS-II Real Time Kernel, Fast Fourier Transform, and TCP/IP capabilities. Dynamic C Premier is specifically designed for use with the Rabbit 2000 microprocessor developed by Rabbit Semiconductor.

Dynamic C Premier, like previous versions of Dynamic C, is an enhanced version of the industry standard C programming language designed to compile a program with applicable library routines and download the code to a target system specifically tailored for control and embedded systems applications.

Software development using Dynamic C is interactive and fast. While a user’s program runs in a controller, they are able to monitor events in real-time. Users can simulate a control system by changing the state of Dynamic C with the help of interactive windows. An added benefit is that Dynamic C will not need in-circuit emulators, logic analyzers, or software simulators. Dynamic C Premier also adds the functionality of a real time kernel, a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT), and TCP/IP capabilities to provide Rabbit 2000 microprocessor users with tools for a cost-effective simple development process to accomplish their application needs.

About Z-World Founded in 1983, Z-World is a pioneer in the embedded controls industry, and provides highly reliable embedded control solutions. Z-World offers a complete line of low-cost control products, including single-board computers, operator interfaces, expansion boards and Ethernet connectivity products. In 1989, Z-World launched Dynamic C, the first integrated software development system specifically designed for embedded single-board computers. This integrated approach substantially reduces application development time and effort, saving OEMs significant development effort and production costs. In November 1999, Z-World launched a new division, Rabbit Semiconductor, a fabless semiconductor company specializing in microprocessors.

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