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Automated lighting control integration for buildings is becoming increasingly important.  Traditionally, the lighting control has been handled in isolation in the Electrical Specification or Section 16000 of the Building Specification Document.  Close coordination will be required as light switches and dimmer modules start to support standard communication protocols.  This will allow seamless extensions of lighting control thereby achieving a truly Automated Building.  Our Clients are no longer satisfied with the warehouse lighting of the past, and are requesting more home touch and feel, including control.  It addition, the common areas of our buildings are taking on an entertainment atmosphere which may lead us to further investigation of theatre type lighting and its associated standards.  We will attempt to keep you connected to the fast breaking trends in the automated building industry with linkage to articles and resources that will keep you up to date.

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Unitary direct digital control has become the lowest cost, feature rich method for lighting equipment control.  BACnet and LonTalk communication standards allow us to integrate this equipment into total automation designs.  We will attempt to list the industry leaders who are supporting these standards.


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