August 2009

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Tom Shircliff and Rob Murchison EMAIL INTERVIEW Tom Shircliff, Rob Murchison, & Ken Sinclair

Tom Shircliff, Rob Murchison, Co-Founders,

IntelligentBuildings® provides strategic consulting for key stakeholders, owners and property managers in the commercial, institutional and corporate real estate environments. Key focus areas are strategy development, organizational alignment and financial analysis.  

IntelligentBuildings® and BusinessWeek

A live, 30 minute webcast from the NASDAQ MarketSite in Times Square in NY with live chat response and a recording of it available afterwards via a streaming link.   

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Sinclair:  I recently learned of an interview IntelligentBuildings® did with BusinessWeek in New York. How did that come about?

IntelligentBuildings®:  We were referred to them and then were screened in a few telephone calls and also by their reference checking. After that we were asked to submit some presentation information that could accompany their questions, had some preparation calls and then were given the date for the interview.  

IntelligentBuildings® and BusinessWeekSinclair:  What was the format?

IntelligentBuildings®:  It was a live, 30 minute webcast from the NASDAQ MarketSite in Times Square in NY with live chat response and a recording of it available afterwards via a streaming link.   

Sinclair:  Was it just you two?

IntelligentBuildings®:  We were also on the panel with an expert from Herman Miller named Jenifer Magnolfi who was very informed and was able to articulate how the base building systems and interiors blend for a “programmable environment”.  There were two of us doing Q&A on screen and one off screen on the chat.

Sinclair:  Was it a paid engagement?

IntelligentBuildings®:  No. The series is developed and produced by BusinessWeek but sponsored by Cisco and streamed on WebEx.  For us it was an opportunity to get the word out about our industry to the business and building owners and not just facility and IT techies - like a lot of us are. There is so much information and even hype out there that BusinessWeek wanted to get some higher level clarity on smart/intelligent/green/high performance buildings. Some of your readers may find it basic in nature but we think this kind of message needs to get out more - just like you and others are continuously doing by volunteering to speak or moderate at the conferences, write for publications, do interviews etc. I think you have called it “outreach and education”.  

contemporary Sinclair:  But that is similar to what you do for a living isn’t it?

IntelligentBuildings®:  Well yes, in the sense that we have an owner perspective. We provide consulting to develop strategy for “intelligent buildings”, which of course involves technology but starts at a higher level of identifying corporate goals, measurement and financial analysis, risk mitigation and brand support.  

Sinclair:  My sense is that our industry segment is pretty visible right now. Did you talk about that in the interview?

IntelligentBuildings®:  Yes, we agree and that is probably why they did it. The economic and political climate has changed of course and the issues we all see every day in the news such as sustainability, energy costs, overall operational costs, smart grid and government regulation of emissions are not only on  the front page of the paper but also right in the wheelhouse of your readers. We did touch on that in the interview –  with questions about that from both the moderator and viewers.

Sinclair:  Where can readers see the interview?

IntelligentBuildings®:   …you may be redirected to a Cisco web seminars website and then simply enter registration and it will start to stream.


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