August 2016

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Christine BolesEMAIL INTERVIEWChristine Boles and Ken Sinclair

Christine Boles, Smart Building Solutions Director, Intel

Christine Boles is director of smart building solutions for the Intel Internet of Things Group (IoTG) and is responsible for leading large, global, cross-functional product development teams from concept to product launch. (Intel Blog)

Intel Offers Building Block Products

with Intel IoT Gateways to enable an ecosystem of solution providers to create solutions.

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SinclairDoes Intel’s new offerings for smart building technology deliver “hot desking” (see here for reference by Comfy app)? If so, how does the technology for something like “hot desking” work?

Boles:  “Hot Desking” also known as “hoteling” is gaining popularity given the costs of space and need to optimize. Smart building tech, including location-based services, offer data insights on space utilization in an office environment, allowing employees to quickly find, reserve and even get directions to available workspaces. Intel offers IoT products such as Intel IoT Gateways to connect sensors to the internet and, a Silicon roadmap that goes into Smart Sensors for capturing occupancy data with more accuracy. Intel’s ecosystem partner Yanzi creates building solutions for space utilization using one or more of these Intel’s IoT products. 

Sinclair Describe a typical day for a smart building occupant and how daily tasks can be achieved with greater efficiency using the building’s IoT solutions.
Boles:  Intel offers building block products and reference designs from Intel IoT Gateways to enable an ecosystem of solution providers to create solutions.
Here are some examples: 

Reliable Controls SinclairHow can smart building solutions improve productivity? How is Intel helping to impact this space with its new offerings?
Boles:  Smart building technology allows facilities managers to improve comfort and safety for people within the building, while making building assets and operations more efficient and sustainable. When building occupants feel comfortable, they are likely to be more productive. When building systems are interoperable and integrated, facilities managers can reduce waste and lower operating costs. Intel IoT technology is enabling these improvements through collaboration with IoT ecosystem partners like Avob, Comfy, EnTouch and Lucid. 

SinclairHow does a building’s automation work to allow occupants control lighting, security, HVAC, and energy? Do existing systems need to be replaced in order for a building and its occupants to benefit from IoT solutions that can help in utility meters, people counters, and other sensors.

Boles:  Smart building solutions are designed to integrate and collaborate with existing systems, allowing building managers to avoid the costs associated with replacing them.

SinclairHow can analytics help building managers make better, faster maintenance decisions?

Boles:  Data analytics helps building managers make quick, efficiency decisions. Example solutions from Switch Automation and Lucid Controls for Energy Management uses analytics to drive actionable decisions. With Switch Automation for example, its cloud-based IoT enabled platform helps companies discover inefficiencies in their real estate holdings. The solution employs Intel IoT technologies to collect system information that delivers unmatched visibility, insights, and control of building operations.


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