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Every month there is a blizzard of information contained in the emails and newsletters that cross my desk on their way to Some of this information is not in the form of any type of content we can publish but I feel I should share with you these snippets, blog bits, and url links that are about to fall off my desktop.

30 Minutes with Lynxspring Webinar - Data & Analytics

M&A brings Focus & Consolidation to the Building Performance Software Business  Published 19 July 2016 Our report looks right across the structure and competitive landscape identifying some 358 players within 7 broad sectors reviewing the major players strategy in merger and acquisition, investment and strategic alliance with other players to bring together a business model that meets the buyers needs over the next 10 challenging years. The highest number of acquisitions occurred last year, 45 in number, 30% of the total number of 150 since 2010. With 27 transactions having already been completed this year up to the end of May, we expect acquisitions of building performance software providers to continue at the same level as 2015, as consolidation continues in this fragmented market.

12 IoT Best Practices when Designing an HVAC System  The IoT is complex, and creating a connected HVAC product is not as simple as embedding a wireless chip it adding a sensor. HVAC manufacturers need to consider everything from network security to application software design, as well as how to budget for, scale, distribute and future-proof their products.  This eBook will outline some of the technologies and considerations for designing, building and ultimately selling a connected HVAC product. Download your copy to learn about the 12 IoT Best Practices when Designing an HVAC System.

View and download key infographics from Intelligent Assets: Unlocking the circular economy potential, the latest report by the World Economic Forum and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, as part of Project MainStream. Simply click on an image to download it.

IoT is alphabet soup. IIoT, IoE, HTTP, REST, JSON, MQTT, OPC UA, DDS, and the list goes on. Conceptually, we’ve discussed IoT for a long time and understand the basic idea and technical feasibility. Now we’re moving forward, identifying use cases and building prototypes. So it’s about time to work on that alphabet.

Orchestrating infrastructure for sustainable Smart Cities is the sixth in a series of White Papers whose purpose is to ensure that the IEC can contribute to solving global challenges through its International Standards and Conformity Assessment services.

The Things Network: Scaling A Global Crowdsourced Internet Of Things Network by Gonzalo Casas  Published July 6, 2016 The Things Network is without doubt one of the most exciting social innovations in the Internet of Things arena. Thousands of people worldwide have connected their gateways to the TTN backend and tinkered with their Lora chips and devices. But what does it take to manage this as a open movement in your town? After a brief introduction by Wienke Giezeman – co-founder of The Things Network – we have two pioneers from Zurich and Rotterdam who are leading the pack in their hometown. This might just be the start of an European movement of Civic Open Network Providers…

Abstract—Building Automation System (BAS) will be extended for including different kinds of
information, working towards to goal of Intelligent Building Management System. The next generation of
Internet technology uses Windows Communication Foundation as middleware technology for integration
of different building automation systems (BAS) since Web Services will support only http protocol which
is stateless. The applications used for controlling building management system (BMS) components like
sensors, actuators, and controllers. In this paper we propose a Service Oriented Architecture(SOA) for
building Management system based upon Windows Communication Foundation and XAML used for
integrating different BAS.A BAS which consists of BACnet network their BMS is applied. Their exist
some publically exposed Windows Communication Foundation contracts, which write and read BACnet
data points from the backnet work. These contracts will be called by other enterprise applications for
realize BAS integration and get real-time data on BACnet network as a facilities Management. XAML
will be provided at client side GUIs for the BMS which can be reused for different kinds of applications.
Finally we discuss challenges in providing security to Building Automation Systems using proposed system

Building Automation Networks for Smart Grids  Abstract   Smart grid, as an intelligent power generation, distribution, and control system, needs various communication systems to meet its requirements. The ability to communicate seamlessly across multiple networks and domains is an open issue which is yet to be adequately addressed in smart grid architectures. In this paper, we present a framework for end-to-end interoperability in home and building area networks within smart grids. 6LoWPAN and the compact application protocol are utilized to facilitate the use of IPv6 and Zigbee application profiles such as Zigbee smart energy for network and application layer interoperability, respectively. A differential service medium access control scheme enables end-to-end connectivity between 802.15.4 and IP networks while providing quality of service guarantees for Zigbee traffic over Wi-Fi. We also address several issues including interference mitigation, load scheduling, and security and propose solutions to them.

An Occupancy Based Cyber-Physical System Design for Intelligent Building Automation  Abstract  Cyber-physical system (CPS) includes the class of Intelligent Building Automation System (IBAS) which increasingly utilizes advanced technologies for long term stability, economy, longevity, and user comfort. However, there are diverse issues associated with wireless interconnection of the sensors, controllers, and power consuming physical end devices. In this paper, a novel architecture of CPS for wireless networked IBAS with priority-based access mechanism is proposed for zones in a large building with dynamically varying occupancy. Priority status of zones based on occupancy is determined using fuzzy inference engine. Nondominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm-II (NSGA-II) is used to solve the optimization problem involving conflicting demands of minimizing total energy consumption and maximizing occupant comfort levels in building. An algorithm is proposed for power scheduling in sensor nodes to reduce their energy consumption. Wi-Fi with Elimination-Yield Nonpreemptive Multiple Access (EY-NPMA) scheme is used for assigning priority among nodes for wireless channel access. Controller design techniques are also proposed for ensuring the stability of the closed loop control of IBAS in the presence of packet dropouts due to unreliable network links.

Tech Talk with Tom Hartman: How are OE Energy Projection Savings Calculated?

From Smart Devices to Smart Systems: The Keys to Catalyzing Smart Home Adoptions  The "Smart Home" has the potential to unleash unprecedented data-driven value in the form of cost savings and quality of life improvements. The sheer volume and velocity of manufacturers, service providers and tech companies racing to capture this new value speaks to the size of the opportunity. This white paper has analyzed the key factors that will catalyze the Smart Home market: Drivers of Adoption Smart Home Ecosystem Supplier Trends The Need for Collaboration 

Sustainability Facility Professional  More than just complying with a building rating system, sustainability encompasses a broader view. It is a commitment to improving the facility’s impact on both the environment and people over time. The IFMA SFP Credential Program will provide you with the tools to enhance your sustainability knowledge. In this three module program, you will learn to integrate sustainability efforts with the values and strategies of your organization. Become a leader in creating, managing, and operating sustainable facilities across the FM spectrum. Learn to leverage “doing the right thing with doing things right.”

What if I told you that IoT as we know it today is just the beginning of a new technological revolution and that we’ve only scratched the surface of what the Internet of Things can actually do for us?


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