December 2018

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The Edge of Building Emotion @AHRExpo 2019
Ken Sinclair
Founder, Owner, Publisher

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My mind is consumed with "The Edge of Change" this month's theme. This is the building emotion edge-ifcation that we will share @AHRExpo 2019 Atlanta.

This is our opening session in Atlanta

The Future of Building Automation Creating Our New Persona "Building Emotion" Mon. January 14 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM | B311  Actions Learning Emotion by Looking, Listening, Feeling, Thinking before returning a mindful reaction in a Humanistic User Experience "UX". "Emotion" is the noun used to describe the creation and depiction of a mindful interactive relationship — the conversation if you will — between the inhabitants and their physical building. It is a virtual identity, a feeling, a learning, an interactive piece, a virtual brick-and-mortar that hosts the buildings' emotion. "Building" is the verb or noun that modifies it. A mash-up of a physical fixed asset and its emotional contents creates the new Building Emotion identity.So how do we best "Look" with rapidly evolving video analytics, and "Listen" with natural language interaction and learning, using the personal assistants that are evolving as part of our edge-bots? How do we use our history of "Feeling" temperature, humidity, occupancies etc. and best combine this all with “Thinking" that will come from self-learning? emotionESOnce complete we need to work a lot harder on returning that mindful reaction in the creation of Anticipatory Humanistic Relationships.

Here is a review how this session has evolved over the last few months.

My moments on twitter depicts how building emotion has evolved since July with the original notion of Building Emotion to @AHRExpo show time with Edge-ifcation and changing collaborative connection communities all entering into  the Edge of Change.

How does one start building emotion? Here is quick overview of how we got to the edge of change.

July -  Ask some one younger, rule number one today when you seek advice ask someone younger.

What does  building emotion look like?, the emotional connection between people and building

Emotion is a natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one's circumstances, mood, or relationships with their environment, which is the combined purpose of the building and its inhabitance. The Building Emotion would likely be hosted in the cloud with interaction from the edge devices and needs to be available to every building to create its own emotional personality. Emotion is often intertwined with mood, temperament, personality, disposition, and motivation. Yes, this is the new building emotional twin not restrained by physical parameters it is a growing living, interactive thing. A new virtual mediums to purportedly communication between the dead inanimate building and living humans.

My 12 year old granddaughter drew this depiction on a tablet

Folks in Singapore that talk to buildings picked up original art work and added color and tweeted the words asking the question "What if People could have mindful interactive relationship with their buildings?

August - A Building Whisperer appears from Sweden who also talks to buildings, who knew that their is a strong movement of folks talking to their buildings.

What are Building Whisperers?  Those who adopt a sympathetic view of the motives, needs, and desires of the Building's relationship with its humanistic purpose based on rapidly uibemotionevolving views and understandings.

September - Building Better Bots Mindful and Open In this issue we conclude that the most important component of the open movement is opening our minds while growing younger.

I have been talking about voice as a game changer, but the focus now moves self-learning machine vision as the newest cost effective edge bot capability. While whispering, I shouted these words, Those that well understand what I am talking about are younger, we all need to grow younger to understand. We all need to engage with their digitally raised thoughts to help us understand new ways of thinking and doing old things.  The complete industry needs to grow younger while engaging in the discussion of digital disruption. It is happening and the only thing slowing, and sometimes preventing the necessary radical change, is our existing mindset and fear of the unknown. Yet daily we take giant leaps of faith towards digital transformation in our personal lives.

October - "Edge-You-Cation" - Learning about our journey to the Edge I am always playing with words when I can not find the words to express myself I create my own.  Here is another one Edge-ification, the process of moving intelligence and control to the Edge.

November - Edge-ifcation Meets Maker Movement Moving the Murky Muddled Middle to the Edge. Continuing our EDGE-ucation series - When we talk about the “edge” or more correctly “computing at the edge,” we are referring to performing essential data acquisition and computation functions as close to the data source as possible. - John Petze, SkyFoundry and Ken Sinclair, AutomatedBuildings

connection chain

Edge-ifcation in the Era of Connection
We are starting an interesting, important discussion and to one degree or another participating in the necessary disruption that is driving that transformation.

December the Edge of Change  Deals with our changing collaborative connection communities and their Edge-ifcation in the Era of Connection please join in the discussion by giving this month's articles, interviews, and reviews a quick read to help set the scene. They will be posted or post them yourself on Twitter and LinkedIn where comments and discussions are welcome.

Do not think you have any opinions? Read this,

This tweet from the past is interesting "a friend vs. a creep in the walls" ours is the perception to create.

A Building becoming a friend vs. a creep in the walls; very interesting tie-in with @Ken_Sinclair's thoughts on Building Emotion … and @memoori's piece on Alexa Hospitality … #SmartBuildingFI #AI #BuildingEmotion


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