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The new evolving model of AutomatedBuildings.com is to connect and link to the amazing amount of articles, training and blog bits that folks like you and many others are publishing on your own blogs and newsletters. We leave them in place as published and as illustrated but tell the world where they are and provide links to them. They are amazing content and know well by your networks but no one else knows about them.  I feel we can add new value by linking them to a subject matter website like Automated Buildings.com and feel this would be a good transition for us and of value to the industry.


Building Automation Blog Building on Open Control

Zach Netsov our contributing editor is a Product Specialist at Contemporary Controls focused on the BASautomation line of products which provide solutions for both small and scalable building management. Zach is part of the team at Contemporary Controls that championed the design and creation of a BASpi I/O board for Raspberry Pi.

Contemporary Controls strongly believes in educating the industry about networking technology. Our resources are organized by technology. Use the technology topics on the left to browse our learning center. Visit our Video Library for additional resources.


A One-stop, 360-degree BACnet Experience  The BACnet Institute (TBI) is your central source for BACnet-focused learning and knowledge sharing. It provides an easy path to BACnet information and learning for everyone involved with BACnet systems. While registration to The BACnet Institute is required, it is FREE. If you do not have an account, click on the Sign Up link and join today!


ControlTrends was created to provide HVAC and Industrial Controls professionals a place to learn and share information about the rapidly changing world of commercial and industrial controls. We have included product demonstrations,training videos, technical blogs and news about the issues that effect the controls professional. We are committed to providing accurate and useful information. We operate independently of our sponsors, and the views expressed on ControlTrends are not necessarily the views and opinions of our sponsors. Please join the ControlTrends community, post comments, leave suggestions, and help make ControlTrends a great resource

Real Time Automation’s engineering staff includes engineers with extensive application experience and technical expertise. Our team’s combined experience in engineering, product development and tested implementation enables us to bring a wide range of skill and experience to your side.  All You Need to Know About Industrial Protocols  These comprehensive overviews tell you everything you need to know about the different communication protocols. From the history of the technology to the latest trends, you’ll learn what distinguishes each protocol, including the driving force behind each, and the pros and cons of different protocols in relation to your specific project needs.


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