July 2007

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July 2007

2007 - Looking Back and Ahead
Anto Budiardjo, President & CEO of Clasma Events Inc.
For integrators and contractors, Demand Response or DR means immediate business returns and an opportunity to leverage DR to establish a better value proposition to their customers. For owners, DR will provide a way to reduce energy costs by tapping into the incentives the utilities are providing right now.

Drop-in Networking Solutions
Chris Collis, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Digi International
Digi launches Drop-in Networking solutions to help organizations easily automate their facilities.

RF Interference Problems
Mark Walters, Chairman, Z-Wave Alliance
In short, there can be RF interference in any band. Some bands are more crowded than others, and some applications are more susceptible than others.

Grid Interop: Closing the “Distance to Integrate”
Steve Widergren, Administrator, GridWise Architecture Council
 If you think of the effort to make automation systems interact as a “distance to integrate,” then the objective of the Grid Interop meeting is to engage business leaders and integration technologists across the electric system community to develop actionable steps that close or reduce the distance to integrate.

June 2007

New Daedalus
Toby Considine, Technology Officer, Facility Services, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
oBIX Chairman
Today pervasive intelligence in every aspect of the design, construction, and operation of the building, as well as the intelligent interaction of the building with the outside world, is making the most profound changes to the way we build and operate buildings since Daedalus.

Technology For Buildings Going Green
Wade Patterson – CEO and Founder of Synapse
With SNAP you can create a solution out of the box in an hour instead of a year. You don’t need to understand wireless technology or networks.

New Tools & Ideas for Buildings 2.0
Bill Lydon, Director PLCopen
Major activities of PLCopen are further developing open controls programming standards, extensions, and certifying products.

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Ron Bernstein, Executive Director, LonMark International
The Tour will focus on energy savings; improving efficiencies through system integration; maintenance, operating and training cost reductions; leveraging the IT infrastructure; successful projects and market trends; and so much more.

ZigBee Certification
Brent Hodges, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for the ZigBee Alliance
The Alliance has two independent and global test labs, National Technical Systems and TUV Rheinland. These labs test, verify and certify ZigBee Certified Platforms and ZigBee Certified Products.

BuilConn 2007
Denis Du Bois, Editor of Energy Priorities Magazine and host of the ConnectivityWeek podcast series
The conference was an interactive environment where attendees helped shape big ideas, such as Buildings 2.0 and GridWise.

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