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Articles - July 2018
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Smart Buildings  - The View from Helsinki - Henry Lawson, Senior Market Research Consultant, Worldwide Market Intellience, BSRIA Limited

The Collision of IT & OT  is Shaping the Future of Buildings in the IoT Age - James McHale, Managing Director, Memoori

IoT Platforms & Apps Commercial Real Estate Firms Embrace PropTech - Daphne Tomlinson, Independent Senior Research Associate, Memoori

Environmental Health and Safety versus Demand Control Ventilation: Challenges and Opportunities  New solutions offer ways to proactively prioritize laboratory safety and system performance - Aircuity

A Look at The Smart Building Integrator Summit  @ IBcon 2018 in Las Vegas - Scott Cochrane, President, CEO, Cochrane Supply & Engineering, and Cochrane Tech Services

The Buildings Data Analytics Revolution in Three Acts  With the vast quantities of a building’s operational data available, the use of a semantic, or tag-based, data analytics framework has become an essential tool to leverage insights that can help us optimize the ongoing operations of our buildings.  - Ruairi Barnwell, Principal, DLR Group

Intelligent Technology Is for Human Services,  Not Real Estate - Isla Vainio, Industry Pioneer Scout at HUB13

The “Salary History Ban” Laws  – Be Aware! - Skip Freeman, Senior Technical Recruiter, BASI Solutions, LLC

Platforms and Trusting in Las Vegas  Observations and Lessons Learned from Realcomm-IBcon 2018. - Therese Sullivan, BuildingContext Ltd

Control Solutions, Inc Columns - July 2018

Case Study Part 2- Lead Generation  Is your website costing you customers? - Manny Mandrusiak CD. Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant, Vancouver Island Works Project

Seeking stackable semantics  When something is very difficult to find it is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Essentially because the area you have to search is too large and the size of what you are looking for is very small.  - Ken Sinclair, Editor, AutomatedBuildings

Building an Awesome UX  UX means “user experience” and refers to a person's emotions and attitudes about using a service. - Ken Sinclair, Editor, AutomatedBuildings

Building Emotion  "Emotion" is the noun used to describe the creation and depiction of a mindful interactive relationship - the conversation, if you will - between the inhabitants and their physical building. - Ken Sinclair, Editor, AutomatedBuildings

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