June 2008

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Our interview section allows busy industry leaders to quickly provide insight into rapidly evolving industry issues. If you have subject matter or industry issues you would like insight into or would like to be interviewed yourself contact us. sinclair@automatedbuildings.com

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June 2008

Open Source for Open Systems – Follow up to ConnectivityWeek  Anno Scholten, NovusEdge
I would like to start a community called OpenLynx where I would like to bring these and several other open source initiatives together to discuss how we can all collaborate on a common goal for our industry.

ConnectivityWeek 2008
Peter Kelly-Detwiler Senior Vice President, Energy Technology Services, Constellation NewEnergy & Leighton Wolffe Vice President, Alliances and Strategy for Constellation NewEnergy
ConnectivityWeek was very significant as it incorporated seven different industry events under one roof for the first time, including DR-Expo.

What is OPC and how will it play a key in the future of Building Automation?
Tom Burke, President, OPC Foundation & Sean Leonard, VP Products, MatrikonOPC
OPC is a communication standard for the transfer of process data to the decision makers in real-time.

Openness and the Energy Connection
Mark Hunter, Founder, Integration Systems Ltd Corporation (ISL Corp.)
Our mission is to lower the barriers to so called sophisticated building control systems for upgrading to 'Smart or Intelligent' Buildings.

Why is security an important issue in smart metering?
Jim Alfred, Director Product Management for Certicom Corporation

Moving from automated meter reading to advance metering infrastructure, smart meters and Home Area Networks of smart energy devices create new security challenges for metering companies and consumers alike.

May 2008

Convergence in Action
Tom Shircliff, Rob Murchison, IntelligentBuildings®
Take action with convergence and intelligent buildings strategies, use technology for the right reasons and deal with the real roadblocks.

Convergence Needs to Make Sense
John Greenwell, President CEPORT, LLC
We take a holistic view of the building, this means understanding the purpose of the building, how people utilize the building, what business processes are in use and how the mechanical systems were designed.

Smart Grid Legislation and ConnectivityWeek Energize GridWise Architecture Council
Steve Widergren, Administrator GridWise Architecture Council
Smart grid activities continue to build steam as we apply automation to enhance electric system operational efficiency and reliability, while better enabling the integration of environmentally sensitive approaches to energy use and production. 

Innovative Solutions to Address the Nation’s Energy
Rodney (Rod) M. Boucher, CEO of Microfield Group, Inc.
The advances in next generation demand response we are seeing today are only the beginning. As more technologies such as smart meters, economic distributed solar power, advanced storage, and enhanced software platforms enter the market, the opportunities for demand response and other market driven opportunities will increase dramatically.

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Robert Rosenbloom, CEO PlatformQ, LLC
A unique online-only event on energy and sustainability June 10 & 11 on the Web.

Video Surveillance Continues to Grow—But Are We Letting the Bad Guys Get Away?
Paul Bodell, Officer, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, IQinVision
Security veteran weighs in on getting better results from all that video surveillance equipment that’s not doing the job

Realcomm Goes Global 
Jim Young, Founder & Producer, Realcomm
We now search for good ideas, emerging technologies, innovative companies, best practice case-studies and industry thought-leaders, from around the world and not just in the United States. The world is changing very quickly and we have to watch the globe if we are truly going to keep paces with the advancements in our industry.

CABA Intelligent Buildings Leadership Forum
Jeff Seewald, PE, Intelligent Building Systems Engineer
From the Conference Room to the Boiler Room, and Beyond

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