June 2016


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Leon WurfelEMAIL INTERVIEWLeon Wurfel and Ken Sinclair

BUENO Systems Managing Director, Leon Wurfel.

Leon Wurfel was named the 2016 Young Achiever Award at the biannual ARBS Awards, a nationally recognised collaborative awards initiative endorsed by Australia’s five major HVAC&R and Building Services industry associations.  The Young Achiever Award specifically recognises individuals that demonstrate outstanding achievements in the industry with a focus on future leadership, enterprise, drive and commitment.

BUENO are leaders in data and information driven operational property services, delivering data related and technology driven services based on fault detection, optimisation and business intelligence that simplify our building operations and enhance effectiveness across all building sectors and building information systems.

BUENO Systems and IBCon

The Bueno IBcon booth will demonstrate to those that attend the strength and deep knowledge of buildings that Bueno has within its team, reflecting a detailed understanding of not only the vast technical systems but also the context in which they are operated and maintained.

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SinclairWhat is the biggest opportunity in the industry?

It is our opinion that there has never been a better time to take advantage of the huge amount of valuable data captured within buildings, the previous barriers either technologically or financially have been all but eliminated by recent breakthroughs in this field. The opportunity this represents to building owners and managers is significant, providing insights from the existing data, not only on traditional performance measures but also into areas never previously possible to explore with such ease. With the emergence of intelligent data and analytics processes this information can now be unlocked to its full potential, providing benefits in all areas of building management by assisting to enhance income, occupant experience, equipment lifecycle whilst placing downward pressure on expenditure. For building owners and property managers the process of taking the initial steps along this path can be filled with much noise from the broader market. Slick marketing and unqualified performance claims are hallmarks of how these businesses will lure unsuspecting building owners and managers into inferior solutions. Unfortunately without detailed due diligence building owners and managers can often unwittingly lock themselves into yet another proprietary layer on top of the myriad of proprietary building systems that may already exist at their properties.  The opportunity Bueno provides is the ability to not only integrate with proprietary systems, but also in providing a truly open, common and transparent data platform for advanced data analytics and smart building applications to work from, and the subsequent force multiplier it represents for all stakeholders involved across a property.
SinclairHow are you going to assist people to explore the opportunities with what you show them at your booth?

The Bueno IBcon booth will demonstrate to those that attend the strength and deep knowledge of buildings that Bueno has within its team, reflecting a detailed understanding of not only the vast technical systems but also the context in which they are operated and maintained. Visitors will get the opportunity to explore the different solutions that we have applied across our growing stock of buildings, staff at the booth will provide easy to understand real world examples of how not only capturing this data but understanding it has resulted in measurable improvements across similar buildings/portfolio’s to their own. Visitors will also get the chance to explore the benefits of a broad range of analytics and smart building outcomes across numerous systems that they may not have thought had such capabilities in the past, we will demonstrate the value that can be exposed in areas such as HVAC, Vertical Transport, CCTV, Waste Monitoring, Carpark Pay & Guidance, Fire Systems etc.

The team that will be manning our booth are not sales people, visitors will find that they are extremely approachable and knowledgeable whilst being underpinned by diverse backgrounds in technical, consultancy and property operations fields.        
SinclairWhat exciting things are you guys working on?

The Bueno team does not rest on prior performance and is constantly exploring exciting opportunities with our clients and partners, constantly improving on our product and service delivery through invention or continuous improvement activities. It is our intent to continue to be imaginative, fearless and ultimately push all boundaries of what is thought possible within the property IOT and Big Data realms, as a result our recently announced partnership with Canadian business Rycom is an important strategic springboard for our capabilities into the North American market. Rycom’s established reputation as trusted technology advisors and providers of network services across a large portfolio of premium clients in North America dovetails extremely well with Bueno and will see both businesses provide genuine disruption into the market. Add to this beta work in the emerging areas such as augmented reality, mobility, location beacons and data visualizations we are sure to shake the industry with exciting advances in the near future.


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