June 2016


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Marc Petock

EMAIL INTERVIEWMarc Petock and Ken Sinclair

Marc Petock, Vice President, Marketing, Lynxspring

Extension of our Edge-to-Enterprise Portfolio

Which further strengthens our delivery of solutions and ecosystem for the Internet of Things.

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SinclairLynxspring continues to release new products, solutions and services. What is the latest?

Petock:  Yes Ken, we have a well-defined NPI roadmap and our latest release is the JENEsys Edge 100. The JENEsys Edge 100 is a new addition to our open, internet-based solutions for intelligent buildings and the edge-to-enterprise. It is part of our Lynxspring E2E initiative that we announced at the Lynxspring Exchange and Partner Conference last October. It is a great extension of our Edge-to-Enterprise portfolio and further strengthens our delivery of solutions and ecosystem for the Internet of Things. It empowers users to take full advantage of IoT and powerful processing and memory capabilities.

SinclairTell me more about it?

JENEsys Edge 100Petock:  We purpose built the JENEsys Edge 100. It enables operators to adopt a converged and common platform to achieve operational efficiencies between multiple systems and devices. We have taken the Niagara Framework and combined it with our open Onyxx platform and have created a multi-purpose system and fully programmable controller and gateway that delivers Niagara to the Edge. Completely compatible with Niagara, it uses the same programming tools as well as the same Fox Protocol which facilitates the communications between Niagara stations and the workbench software to support facility management and operational functions, equipment control and business applications at the edge and to the Cloud and Enterprise. Furthermore, the JENEsys Edge 100 reduces engineering time and installation costs by combining Niagara with a proven edge hardware platform.

SinclairWhat types of use cases has it been designed for?

Petock:  We designed it to provide maximum performance at minimum cost to bring edge connectivity, data access, powerful processing and control to today's small- to medium-sized facilities, plant control, and machine-to-machine and IoT applications.

SinclairWhat is driving the need for edge connectivity?

Petock:  Business operations are becoming smart by being connected further out to the edge. The full range of possibilities created by IoT continues to grow and is now being realized by enterprises across the world. IoT is enabling us to expand our reach to a range of equipment and devices in a variety of new applications and redistribute and process data at the edge and the Cloud.

SinclairWhat is planned for the JENEsys Edge in the future?

Petock:  In keeping with our E2E initiatives to incorporate edge intelligence with the latest technology, we will be releasing in the August/September timeframe the JENEsys Edge 534. This unit takes the JENEsys 100 with Niagara and adds 34 IO to it. In addition, we have several other development projects underway that we will be announcing throughout the year.

We will be displaying at the upcoming IBcon Conference June 21-24 - Booth #513.


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