March 2020

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"The Amazing Women of Tech and Their Effort at  #EachforEqual"

These events are fully run by women with women speakers.

Sudha JamtheSudha Jamthe

Contributing Editor

Sudha Jamthe is the CEO of IoTDisruptions and teaches AIX, designing for AI course on

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"#EachforEqual" is a power hashtag being unleashed this International Women's Day. It is about the power of women taking charge of their place on earth to bring back balance to pay, achievements and acknowledgements.

Smart Women are innovating and digitizing the world in every industry, academia and every corner.  Yet, there's a gender gap in the technology industry in the pay gap and in acknowledging women by giving them their due credit. But the good news is that they are not waiting and have begun organizing women events in every area of technology.

All of these began as a one-woman event and then there is a grass-root power movement to create satellite events around the globe. Each of these women run events and mini-conferences focused on an in-depth topic teaching an area of technology.

Women in Data Science (WiDS) runs at Stanford in March and has 50+ satellite events globally that covers women's research and accomplishment in data science covering every industry and every walk of life. These events are fully run by women with women speakers from March through June.  Here's a sample list:

WiDS Subotica, Serbia is happening on April 22nd.  (here)
WiDS Turuku is happening on 26 March (here)
WiDS Zagreb is happening on 4th March (here)
WiDS Luxumberg is happening on 26th March (here)
WiDS Valencia, Spain in happening on 5th March (here)
There are more events in Krakow, Lille (France), Helsinki, Oslo, Reykjavik and more.

Women in AI Ethics is a movement to bring ethics at the center of AI. It started with Mia Dand publishing the top 100 women in AI Ethics each year and has grown into a global phenomenon. These women have come up with a very thoughtful AI Ethics Framework that is applicable to all industries. They are not stopping at publishing their work. They have mobilized regional leaders who will bring about change in their part of the world. They have an interactive online directory of Women in AI Ethics. You can select whatever industry you are looking for and find the women who are experts in that area.


The unique characteristic of women's leadership style is to be inclusive and not compete during the learning process. PyLadies began as a meetup to get women to learn Python and contribookbute to open source. It has expanded to 50 Pyladies events around the globe. Railsgirls brings women who work on Ruby rails to contribute to open source and run many satellite events also. They also run a Rails Girls Code Summer program to inspire women and non-binary Rail coders to work on open source during summer.

I have personally been involved in supporting GirlsWhoCode which offers summer immersion coding programs for women located inside many tech companies. WomeninAI runs global events called WAITalk around the globe too.

Another initiative women are doing is to self-report lists of women using simple google sheets.
women in IoT (here)
women in machine Learning WiML (here)
women in machine to machine M2M (here),

women in Blockchain (here)

What can men do to support?

  1. Go cheer for your colleagues in all these lists and acknowledge their accomplishments.
  2. When you get an invitation to speak, refer a woman colleague. If every male speaker refers to a female colleague, every conference will run with 50% men and women. Do not accept a manel, a men-only panel because you don't want to waste your time in an echo chamber of men talking to men leaving out 50% of the world's population setting up your outcome for failure.
  3. Go read about the world of these amazing women and collaborate with them.

Artificial Intelligence is about being inclusive and design should involve everyone. That is my motivation with my new 'AIX' book  (#SudhaAIX) which is not live on Amazon. Signup to get a free chapter. So we can get started with designing artificial intelligence end to end from data to algorithms to customer experience.

I also would like to invite referrals of women (or anyone who identifies as a woman) to interview for #IoTDay2020 where Roxy Stimpson and I will interview women from around the world. IoTDay2020 will cover video interviews of women from around the globe in all time zones starting at 9am in Japan on April 9th. This year, we want to interview a panel of women and one HeForShe man for each topic of IoT, AI, Data, Autonomous Vehicles, Machine Learning and impact in several industries. (People can contact me via LinkedIn)

In the end, equality is about being able to work together and change the world with each other to make it better for all of us. Let's get started!

Now available AIX: Designing Artificial Intelligence Paperback – February 24, 2020 by Sudha Jamthe (Author), Richard Meyers (Editor)


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