March 2020

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Our Education Emergency

We are amidst an Education Emergency; there is so much to learn.

This article appeared in AHR Today, Day 1 (February 3). AHRExpo, Orlando

Ken Sinclair
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We are amidst an Education Emergency; there is so much to learn.

The declaration of a “Climate Emergency” by over 400 global smart cities presents an enormous opportunity for the industry.

The expo is an educational kaleidoscope of new ideas and products with 87 free education sessions, a total of 224 educational sessions and well over a thousand Exhibitors.

You have come to the correct event, AHRExpo 2020 Orlando
“The Emergency Room for Education”

Step away from your hectic life and learn something new that will be worthy of teaching your followers. Strive to diversify, step out of your comfort zone do not just learn, learn something completely different. Open your mind, unhinge your biases, get out of your head.

Bring your younger mentors. We all need to share this education emergency together and there is no better place. They need to know what you know, but even more important you need to know what they know about the new virtual world they are growing up in.
We need to share all that we have learned and sourced with all and any that will listen.

Our industry today is fast becoming another IT/Cloud/Edge/Data-driven industry. As our industry evolves towards deeper digitization, our industry is fast becoming a new playground for hyper-digital humans ready to take the buildings to the next level.  The hard part is how do we redefine our businesses as we try to recruit, train and retain this next group of all-stars.
Propagating our People Power is our ongoing challenge. To grow our industry younger, we need to get our message out that we are an exciting industry where young folks can make a difference. We need to offer them Job Crafting and promote “Job flexibility as a game-changer” to attract them. The same factors that attract folks can go a long way to keeping them engaged and passionate and helps the employer hold on to them longer. We need to tell the world why they want to be part of our passion.

What is Job crafting? It captures the active changes employees make to their own job designs in ways that can bring about numerous positive outcomes, including engagement, job satisfaction, resilience, and thriving. The best talent is attracted to jobs that aren't just jobs but serve something higher than themselves.
Generation Z grew up with the world at their fingertips. They didn't have to pull out an encyclopedia to gain knowledge—all they had to do was Google it.  Eighty percent of respondents surveyed by Dell aspire to work with cutting-edge technology, and 91 percent said the technology would influence a job choice.

Come join any of our education sessions to hear discussions of what is trending and being redefined. We will discuss how the Internet of things has brought new technology innovations, which is changing business practices and truly opening up the new occupant experience. The future will require an amazing community of practice to be successful.  You need to be part of that.


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