May 2008

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OpenADR Workshop Invitation
Santa Clara BuilConn

  Girish Ghatikar  LBL

The development of the “Open Automated Demand Response Communication Standards” (OpenADR) that began in 2002 following the California electricity crisis will be featured in May 19th OpenADR Workshop in conjunction with DR-Expo at the Connectivity Week, Santa Clara, CA.   The research is carried out by the PIER Demand Response Research Center, which is managed by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.  Six years of research, development, and demonstration have led to these standards.  The research explored the feasibility of developing low cost communications infrastructure to improve the reliability, repeatability, robustness, and cost-effectiveness of DR in commercial buildings.  OpenADR defines an “open data model” and outlines secure and reliable communications standards using web service oriented architecture (SOA) to send DR Price and reliability signals to end-use customer systems. 

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The OpenADR workshop presents a series of DR uses cases, functional requirements and an open data model that benefit building and industrial controls developers, providers, energy technology developers, electric utilities or ISOs, facilities management system developers, DR technology vendors, and aggregators. Attendees will understand how OpenADR can be implementation to support various DR programs and tariffs.  They will also hear from industry standards groups adopting OpenADR, and discover new business opportunities and DR values.

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The OpenADR Workshop is being held in conjunction with DR-Expo, emerging as the key event in deploying DR in North America.

Event posting

OpenADR Workshop

Track Leader:  Mary Ann Piette
May 19, 2008

This workshop focuses on a set of high-level technical presentations and demonstrations that dive into Automated Demand Response (AutoDR), standards initiative, data models, use cases, functional specifications and terminology. AutoDR does not involve human intervention, but is initiated at a home, building, or facility through receipt of an external communications signal.


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