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October 2006

ConnectivityWeek Amsterdam & Singapore
Anto Budiardjo, President & CEO, Clasma Events Inc.
ConnectivityWeek is what we call the week of activities surrounding BuilConn.

BuilConn Track “Selling Connected Buildings”
Gary Bark, Managing Director, CONVERGED Building Solutions Ltd
It is our customers that that will change the industry, we need the technologists to drive the boundaries and we need end users to be convinced of the business case and the value proposition it will bring to their organization.

On the road with GridWise
Jack Mc Gowan, GridWise Council Member
Everyone seems to want to know what GridWise is about and how it will affect their world.

Cisco in Amsterdam
Rick Huijbregts, Director for Tourism, Real Estate and Construction, Cisco
BuilConn has been a great venue for us to share our vision and our go-to-market strategies; but also proved to be a great venue where we were able to learn about the dynamics of the building technologies world.

ZigBee Comes to Rescue of Building Insurance Industry
Vasiliy Suvorov, CEO, MeshNetics, Mark Woolridge, Sales Director, BOX telematics
Standards-based solutions provide the security of having interoperable components available from different vendors. ZigBee now is the only open standard developed specifically for the short-range wireless monitoring.

Automated Machine Diagnostics
Brian Thompson, Founder, Managing Director, SENSUS M.I.
This year we will project videos of the FDDI engine working on real machines and have a fan that visitors can control on the Internet with a 3D control.

Communicating Thermostat Website
Trevor S Palmer, Marketing Manager Viconics Inc.
We have compiled a large shopping list of items on what a controls integrator would need to use our thermostats with system X or Y.

ZigBee for Eco-Friendly Buildings
Robert LeFort, CEO Ember
Embedding wireless ZigBee sensors and controls in building automation networks has huge potential for enabling cleaner, safer, greener buildings through reduced energy consumption, more efficient building utilization, better security, etc.

Control Solutions, Inc RZ System Integrator's realizing Cisco Connected Real Estate (CCRE) Opportunities
Edmund B. Richards, President and CEO, Richards-Zeta
Our SI's are joining forces with the Cisco Account Managers, who have learned about RZ through the CCRE Training Programs and summits held worldwide as well as from RZ's Cisco Partner Solution Profile.

September 2006

LonMark IP-852
Hans-Jörg Schweinzer (LOYTEC), Serge LeMen (Newron System), Harald Hasenclever (SVEA) and Gert-Ulrich Vack (SysMik)
The IP-852 channel is a standard in Europe (EN 14908-4) and the US (EIA/CEA-852).

The future at Tridium
Steve Fey, President, Tridium
Looking ahead, we will continue to invest in both R&D and marketing to both meet the needs of our existing customers and to more rapidly expand into industrial automation and M2M applications.

Fuzzy Logic
Anwer Bashi, Senior Research Engineer, Computrols, Inc.
Fuzzy logic is a proven AI technology for mapping human knowledge into computers and creating sophisticated control strategies using human-understandable logic. As building automation technology gets more complex and interconnected, and as more is expected from building engineers, artificial intelligence will have to play a greater role in building automation systems.

Life-Cycle Costing
Thomas M. (Thom) Keel

Life-cycle costing has become de rigueur for anyone embracing sustainability.

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