August 2014
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The S4 Group Announces Successful Interoperability Testing with Open Automation Software

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Interoperability testing with BAS manufacturers’ products has always been a standard – and important - part of S4 business practices. This testing happens formally each year at the BACnet International PlugFest event, and on an ongoing basis in our test lab. This investment has produced a number of great partnerships for the S4 Group, and continues to do so. During recent years, with the emergence of new applications and convergence with IT technology, the S4 Group has widened its search for partners. We can provide the enabling technology to those who offer energy management, analytics, enterprise information systems, and other services that treat the building, its infrastructure, and supporting systems, as an asset and monitor/analyze the performance of this important asset.

The latest testing has been with Open Automation Software The interoperability testing performed by S4, in cooperation with Open Automation Software, confirmed that the S4 Group’s S4 Open: OPC-N2 Router very effectively retrieves data from legacy Metasys building automation systems without interrupting ongoing operations and delivers it into the Open Automation Software suite where it is then either redistributed to other IT systems or presented to enterprise users.

contemporary Steve Jones, managing partner of the S4 Group commented on the results of the testing, “The testing between OPC-N2 Router and the Open Automation Software environment went very smoothly. The OPC Proxy Server instantiated by our S4 Open Management Console made the OPC N2 Router look like a local OPC server on the machine hosting the Open Automation Software, eliminating all DCOM security and configuration issues. The Open Automation Software point discovery feature successfully discovered our OPC Proxy Server on the local machine. We were then able to navigate the OPC environment to select the desired points. They came into the Open Automation Software environment with all point attributes properly presented and the point value being updated as expected. This sets the stage for implementing the value added services offered by Open Automation Software.”

The S4 Group  is always looking for partners who see the value in using the S4 Open Appliances as the enabling technology to deliver enhanced services that complement their BAS Operator Workstation to building owners and operators.


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