August 2015
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Sontay Upgrades Air DP Sensor Range

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Sontay has expanded its highly successful range of Air Differential Pressure (DP) sensors by launching the new PA-60 and PA-65 models. These new sensors replace the popular PA-500 Multi-Range Air Differential Pressure sensor, which was launched in 2013, and offer even more benefits than its predecessor.

The PA-60 is a cost effective solution for measuring filter conditions and can also be utilised for other ventilation and air conditioning system applications in commercial buildings, laboratories and cleanrooms. The sensor features user selectable measurement ranges and output types, and four pressure ranges between 0 and 500Pa, meaning it can be used in a range of different applications. Mounted in a robust IP65 housing, the new PA-60 has an optional LCD display and ModBus or BACnet connectivity to allow for easy connection to any building management system.

Another addition to the range is the PA-65, a multi-configurable sensor designed for differential pressure measurements of air and other neutral gases within HVAC applications. This sensor also comes with LCD display, IP65 housing and field selectable multi ranges, along with analogue outputs of 0-5Vdc, 0-10Vdc, or 4-20mA. The PA-65 senses differential or gauge (static) pressure and converts this pressure difference into a proportional electrical output. This allows for the measurement of field selectable unidirectional or bidirectional pressure ranges of up to 3000Pa.

Reliable Controls “Our air DP sensors have become so popular that we felt it was important to continue researching and developing the product to meet the ever changing needs of our customers,” says Sandy Damm, Managing Director at Sontay. “The updated range allows for a wide range of pressures to be measured quickly and accurately. This is especially important in environments where good ventilation is crucial, such as healthcare.”

All products in the range have a snap-fit cover and come with a duct fixing kit included, making them an easy to install option with simple wiring connections. As with all Sontay products, the PA-60 and PA-65 both come with the standard three-year warranty.

Sontay products and control solutions can help improve building management system performance, reduce energy and maintenance costs and increase occupant comfort levels.  For further information on the Sontay product range, contact


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