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Articles - August 2015
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Roadmap of the Possible Challenge  Connected buildings are becoming and will continue to become a reflection on today’s information technology (IT) and today’s societal trends which include mobility, social media, big data and personalization. - Tom Shircliff, Rob Murchison, IntelligentBuildingsŪ LLC

Transformative Change  It’s Not Just About Inventing Something New - Marc Petock, Vice President Marketing, Lynxspring & Connexx Energy

Can the Building Automation Industry Deliver their own Building Internet of Things?  Several big players have made moves to become more involved in intelligent buildings & building automation, either by way of acquisitions or strategic partnerships.  - Allan McHale, Director, Memoori

Measuring Happiness - the Impact of Comfy  For thermal comfort nerds like me, one of the most fun parts has been to see how it has positively impacted so many people’s comfort, and how we’ve been able to measure that. - Lindsay Baker, VP Research and Marketing, Building Robotics, Inc

Has Project Haystack Moved the Building IoT Across the Chasm?  Has support for standardization efforts like BACnet and Project Haystack naming/tagging taxonomy grown to the point that it is providing a pathway for data-driven building operations technologies across the Chasm? - Therese Sullivan, Principal, BuildingContext Ltd

A New Energy Management System for the Next Era in Building Automation & Control - Greg Shank, Principal, Altura Associates

Facility Smart Grid Information Model (FSGIM) Ready for Review and Feedback - Allen Jones, Independent Consultant

Vibrant Ecosystem Ups the Value of a Building's IoT Platform  How applications and services from partners like BASSG add to the strength of the SkySpark™ platform, supporting data analytics project teams through the whole cycle from data aggregation to action. - Therese Sullivan, BuildingContext Ltd & Alper Uzmezler, BASSG Projects

Project-Haystack Continues Growing  with the Addition of New Associate Members - John Petze, Project Haystack, Executive Director, Principal SkyFoundry & Marc Petock, Project Haystack, Secretary, Vice President, Marketing, Lynxspring

The Power of ZigBee 3.0   All about the new and improved ZigBee 3.0 - Cees Links, Founder & CEO GreenPeak Technologies

Don't Forget About Water  Data centers consume roughly as much water in a year as 158,000 Olympic sized swimming pools. - Kristen Bauer, Brand Strategist, & Robert O'Donnell, Managing Partner, Aquanomix, LLC

Reliable Controls Columns - August 2015

Specifying Sensors  Like any element of a control design, selecting the right sensors, and making sure that what is specified is being provided, helps assure a quality control installation. - Paul Ehrlich, Ira Goldschmidt & Angela Lewis, Building Intelligence Group

A Road Map of the Possible for Connected Buildings We all need to find our own reality as building owners, consultants, and integrators to implement all the virtual greatness being depicted. - Ken Sinclair,

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