December 2005
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The BACnet® Conference and Expo Educated BACnet Beginners and Experienced Users

Event Offered User Presentations and Live Interoperability Demonstrations

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BOSTON –  The BACnet Conference and Expo 2005, held October 23 – 25, in Nashville, Tenn., educated mechanical system design professionals, integrators and end users on the benefits of the BACnet open protocol. Presented by the BACnet Interest Group of North America and the BACnet Manufacturers Association, the conference featured general sessions providing overviews of BACnet, actual BACnet demonstrations, and two educational session tracks: “BACnet Basics” and “Advanced BACnet Simplified.”

The “BACnet Basics” track provided attendees who were new to BACnet and open systems with an understanding of the benefits of BACnet. Session topics included how to write a basic BACnet spec, understanding the five interoperable areas, and identifying the device profile required for their applications.

The “Advanced BACnet Simplified” sessions took attendees familiar with BACnet to the next level. This track explained the details of BACnet network design, testing, commissioning, XML, IT issues, PICS and BIBBs using easy to understand explanations and examples.

The Expo portion of the event allowed vendors to demonstrate their products as well as interoperability between BACnet devices through a live interoperability demonstration. From six 42-inch plasma screens, the audience was able to see BACnet interoperability in action as 15 BACnet front-end systems and devices edited schedules, created calendars, discovered objects, generated and distributed alarms, and more.

General sessions at the conference addressed the state of BACnet, beginning with an outline of where BACnet stands today and ending with where BACnet is headed in the future, including advances in lighting controls, access control, CCTV, encryption and network security, web services, and wireless.

[an error occurred while processing this directive] During the keynote, Ron Sharpe, vice president of the BIG-NA, announced plans for the BIG-NA and BMA to merge and form BACnet International. “As the new BACnet International, BACnet vendors will be able to deliver even more freedom to the end-users of controls systems since the end-users will have direct contact with the manufacturers,” Sharpe said.

“The common thread throughout the whole conference was the freedom that BACnet offers as an open protocol,” said Jon Williamson, product marketing manager for TAC and marketing chairman of the BACnet Manufacturers Association. “BACnet, as a recognized standard provides genuine interoperability, as shown by the live demo, and is extendable beyond controls. BACnet’s growing to accommodate new applications.”

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) endorsed the event, and nine industry-leading companies were corporate sponsors. Platinum sponsors included Automated Logic Corporation, Delta Controls Inc., KMC Controls, Reliable Controls Corporation and TAC. Belimo and Siemens Building Technologies were Gold sponsors while Johnson Controls Inc. and York International were Silver sponsors.

BACnet is an ISO standard 16484-5 for building technology protocols. BACnet is a registered trademark of ASHRAE.

The BACnet Manufacturers Association (BMA) is an organization that encourages the successful use of BACnet in building automation and control systems through compliance and interoperability testing, educational programs and promotional activities. For information about the BMA, please visit

The BACnet Interest Group of North America (BIGNA) assists facility owners and designers to better understand open systems and their benefits. With a commitment to open systems, the BIGNA has worked with ASHRAE committee members, National Institute of Standards and Testing personnel, BACnet manufacturer’s association members, and the BACnet Testing Labs to create a forum to test ideas and improve standards of open systems. For more information go to


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