December 2005
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LONWORKS® Community Unites for Successful LONWORLD® 2005 and LONMARK® Meetings in Paris

Strong support for new LONMARK initiatives in building automation, home control, street lighting, network tools, and network connectivity

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San Jose, CA –  Over 1,000 people gathered in Paris, France for the annual LONWORLD Expo and Conference and LONMARK meetings last month. The four-day event provided a dynamic forum for people to share ideas on new products, technical innovations, applications, and standardization. Members of LONMARK International launched a number of new and important initiatives designed to extend LONMARK open systems in building automation, home control, street lighting, network tools, and network connectivity. Following the LONMARK meetings, the two-day LONWORLD conference was held with visitors attending sessions on over 40 topics including intelligent buildings, intelligent street lighting, home automation, elevators, metering and power management, water treatment, and transportation solutions. In addition to the conference, 46 companies demonstrated an impressive array of hardware and software products in the exhibition hall.

LONMARK Highlights
The Building Automation Systems Task Group is one of the largest groups in LONMARK International where members represent industry leading suppliers and integrators of products and solutions in the building automation systems market. Building on its solid foundation, LONMARK members finalized plans to release a profile for data-logging devices and controllers used in building automation systems. The new profile will allow for remotely extracting information that is collected and stored locally in LONMARK International-certified devices. The group also agreed to create a method for testing and certifying programmable devices commonly used in buildings and industrial environments.

The Home/White goods Task Group laid the foundation the development of profiles based on the standardization efforts in the European white goods arena. Going forth, new profiles will encompass major household appliances, like clothes washers/dryers, ovens, and dishwashers; in addition to more advanced lamps and switches that can automatically make connections to complementary devices throughout the home – simplifying the installation and use of those devices by the homeowner.

The Lighting Task Group is pursuing several new profiles that will support the creation of ballasts capable of changing color to better adapt to their environment. The new ballasts will significantly improve lighting in commercial buildings. The group is also working on profiles for street lighting to monitor streetlamp bulbs and remaining life, as well as to remotely control them.

The Network Tools Task Group is paving the way for management-level profiles that allow for expansion of the LONMARK System Definition Specification. With that, they are defining the parameters of LONMARK Interoperability Guidelines-compliant network-management and -monitoring tools. They have defined the basis of device-companion software, which acts as a plug-in to further ease integration and maintenance of devices from different manufacturers.

The Connectivity/Routers/Gateways Task Group has defined the needs for standardizing on network-interface connectivity, router behavior, and system- and protocol-level gateways. They, with the Network Tools Task Group, are building the backbone components of the LONMARK System Definition Specification.

The System Integration Task Group is implementing an exciting new program to test and certify installers and integrators. A Subject Matter Expert Committee is now being assembled to create the foundation for the program. The group intends to have the program up and running in mid-2006.

“I am very impressed with the support and enthusiasm shown by our members,” said Barry Haaser, Executive Director of LONMARK International. “Our members represent large and small companies worldwide and all are working together to advance open systems that are easier to design, develop, specify, install, and maintain.”

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About LONMARK International
Since its inception in 1994 and new corporate structure in 2003, LONMARK International has become a major driving force in the establishment of interoperable guidelines for building, industrial, transportation and residential/utility automation. LONMARK membership is open to any manufacturer, distributor, engineer, system integrator, or end-user committed to the development, specification, and use of open, interoperable products utilizing ANSI/EIA/CEA 709.1 and related standards.

Products that have been verified to conform to the LONMARK interoperability guidelines are eligible to carry the LONMARK logo.


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