December 2005
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Tridium’s Niagara Framework Surpasses 50,000 Mark

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Richmond, VA, November 2, 2005–Tridium, Inc. announced today that its Niagara Framework® has been successfully deployed in over 50,000 instances throughout the world. From building automation, energy management, convergence retailing, and telecommunications, to lighting, security and M2M applications, Niagara is a proven software platform used in a wide range of monitoring, control, and M2M applications.

The Niagara Framework is a comprehensive software platform that addresses the challenges of integrating diverse smart devices into unified systems. It creates true, interoperable solutions by eliminating the barriers that exist between disparate systems and devices. Niagara makes it possible for businesses of all kinds to control, monitor, manage, and acquire data in real-time from their systems and operational equipment enabling them to achieve performance efficiencies, reduce costs and gain actionable intelligence to drive decisions.

“This is a very significant achievement for us and demonstrates the impact Niagara is having as more and more organizations embrace the platform to leverage their existing investments, create new business value and improve their financial returns. This clearly shows that Niagara is the technology of choice for bringing operational assets together into a single unified system,” said John Petze, President & CEO of Tridium.

About Tridium, Inc.

Tridium, a global software and technology company, is the inventor of the Niagara Framework®, an open software framework that integrates diverse systems and devices—regardless of manufacturer, communication standard or software—into a unified platform that is easily managed and controlled in real time over any network using a standard web browser.

System integrators use Niagara products to provide true open solutions without regard for specific protocols, products or technologies. Manufacturers adopt the Niagara Framework technology to move their products to the web, reduce development time, migrate legacy systems, develop new service offerings, and open up new markets. Today, there are over 50,000 instances of Niagara operating in over 6,000 installations worldwide in applications that include: energy management, building automation, M2M, telecommunications, security automation, lighting control, maintenance repair operations (MRO), service bureaus, convergence retailing and total facilities management – all realizing improved operational efficiencies, reduced costs and greater returns.

Tridium is a privately held software company headquartered in Richmond, Va., with subsidiaries based in London and Singapore. Tridium markets its products to value-added resellers, original equipment manufacturers and a network of Tridium Systems Integrators. Additional information about Tridium is available at


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