December 2009
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Wireless Current Sensor RIBXJF-ENFunctional Devices, Inc. is pleased to announce our new Wireless Current Sensor RIBXJF-EN

This split core fixed current sensor will sense current from 3-150 Amps from a load and in turn will transmit a wireless signal using Enocean’s wireless technology. One of Functional Devices’ wireless relay/repeaters will receive the transmission and will switch the load up to 20 Amps. This is a perfect “interlocking load” solution. This wireless interlocking solution is designed to save time and cost of hard wiring. Providing cost effective resource saving and innovative solutions is integral to Functional Devices’ effort to provide “green” solutions to building managers. Second generation versions will include combining the wireless relay and current sensor in one plenum rated housing to provide a device that can be installed remotely giving status of the load back to a controller as well as handling the switching.   For more information visit for detailed product information go to

MACH-ProPoint™ InputReliable Controls® is pleased to announce the release of the MACH-ProPoint™ Input expansion module

Reliable Controls® is pleased to announce the release of the MACH-ProPoint™ Input expansion module, a flexible solution for maximizing the monitoring capacity of a MACH-ProCom™ or MACH-ProSys™ controller.  Each MACH-ProPoint™ Input expansion module features 24 universal inputs. MACH-ProPoint™ Input expansion modules can be mixed with standard MACH-ProPoint™ expansion modules in any combination on a single I/O-Net trunk. A maximum of 8 expansion modules can be connected to a single MACH-ProCom™ controller. Up to 7 expansion modules can be added to a MACH-ProSys™ controller. A single MACH-ProCom™ or MACH-ProSys™ controller can accommodate a maximum of 128 inputs and 128 outputs.

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ambiento19TCI Interior Systems - ambiento19

The stylish EIB/KNX touch panel systems of the ambiento series provides a unique freedom of scope for architects, integrators and house builders in the area of facility control and automation. The ambiento merges unique design and functionality. Whether the system unit is made of glass or of aluminium or with design elements in wood or coloured synthetic material – the choice is yours. Moreover our special models allow individual design which is limited only by your own imagination. For more information visit


Sherborne Sensors Introduces T700 Series Sherborne Sensors Introduces T700 Series

Precision Solid State MEMS Inclinometers are Accurate to ± 1 Milli-radian

Sherborne Sensors a global leader in the design and manufacture of inclinometers, accelerometers, force transducers, load cells, rotary encoders, instrumentation and accessories for industrial, military and aerospace customers, has announced the launch of the T700 series, a high-precision range of compact, DC-operated solid state MEMS inclinometers. The T700 series is designed to measure inclination proportional to sine of angle in one axis (model T710), or dual axes at right angles (model T720), in applications where space is at a premium.  For more information visit

Bosch Upgrades Bosch Upgrades Divar XF Hybrid DVR for Improved System Control and Advanced Event Handling

Fairport, N.Y. – Bosch Security Systems, Inc. has introduced new firmware and Control Center software for the Divar XF Hybrid Digital Video Recorder – an embedded DVR that supports eight or 16 analog cameras and up to eight H.264 IP video streams. With these upgrades, customers can now automate event handling, and connect and control all Divar XF and Divar-2 DVRs in a system. Divar XF Control Center Software 2.5 allows customers to integrate an unlimited number of Divar XF and Divar-2 DVRs into a single system, providing access to all recorders over IP from a single workstation. This capability gives customers with legacy Divar-2 systems a built-in migration path for the future – complete with IP camera support.  The free Control Center software and firmware upgrades for the Divar XF are now available for download at

Saelig Introduces W7100Saelig Introduces W7100 – New Embedded-Internet 8051 MCU hard-wired TCP/IP for stability, “instant-on”

Pittsford, NY, USA: Saelig Company, Inc. (Saelig) announces the W7100, a unique one-chip solution which integrates an 8051-compatible microcontroller, 64KB SRAM and hardwired 10BaseT/100BaseTX + PHY for high performance and easy development. Targeted at designs for network-enabled instruments and dataloggers, the W7100 provides 32 Kbytes of internal buffer for data transmission/receiving, and supports half-duplex/full duplex, auto-negotiation and auto MDI/MDIX. It can also drive 6 network LEDs for Link, TX, RX, Collision, Speed and Duplex for status indication.  For more information visit


IndigoVision launches a low-cost IP-CCTV Video WallIndigoVision launches a low-cost IP-CCTV Video Wall

IndigoVision, the leading manufacturer of complete end-to-end IP security solutions, has released Video Wall software that allows professional fully-featured IP-CCTV control room video walls to be built to any size, at a fraction of the cost of other dedicated display products. Based on ‘Control Center’, the company’s Security Management Software, video walls can be constructed with complete scalability using any PC monitor type (CRT, LCD and plasma), with standard or High Definition wide-screen format. The video wall is driven using slave ‘Control Center’ workstations, each of which manages up to 4 monitors. Up to 98 slaves can be controlled over the IP network from an unlimited number of master ‘Control Center’ workstations. Each monitor can display up to 25 video panes, allowing video walls with up to 9,800 panes to be constructed. For more information visit

WattStopper publishes new Digital Lighting Management catalog

SANTA CLARA, CA November 2009 – WattStopper has published a comprehensive catalog for its new Digital Lighting Management product line. Digital Lighting Management (DLM) is an all-digital suite of plug-together lighting controls that automatically configure to the most energy-efficient sequence of operation based on which system components are installed. The result is that DLM meets and exceeds energy code requirements, saves more energy than conventional controls, and provides an unprecedented return on investment for both new construction and retrofit projects. The catalog offers an introduction to the DLM line as well as application guidance for several common building space types. The application section focuses on space types, such as private offices, that are found in nearly every type of non-residential facility and provides DLM solutions that scale from basic code compliance to beyond code energy performance. These applications illustrate how users can build incrementally on the initial DLM investment to boost both energy savings and return on investment (ROI). The product catalog also includes individual cut sheets for every DLM product, including room controllers, occupancy sensors, personal controls including digital wall switches and handheld remotes, daylighting sensors, configuration tools, and accessories. The catalog is available in both print and electronic editions.  For more information visit

EtherCAT® BoxBeckhoff Releases Flexible EtherCAT® Box I/O with Switchable Inputs and Outputs

Configurable IP 67 rated I/O blocks for harsh environments permit switching of input channels to output channels and vice versa

MINNEAPOLIS, November 4, 2009 – In order to increase flexibility and optimize every I/O point for machine builders and users, Beckhoff Automation has introduced the new EP2338 EtherCAT® Box. With the rugged EP2338, Beckhoff has enhanced its IP 67 I/O system with a dynamic 8-channel digital variant. Breaking new ground in flexibility, the 8-channels on the EP2338 can be used either as inputs or outputs, which permits extremely flexible use of this compact and durable EtherCAT Box. This way, engineering efforts and spare parts inventory can be simplified significantly, since the inputs and outputs can be connected exactly as needed when the machine is wired.  For further information visit

mobilerobotsMobileRobots New Build-a-Bot Robotic Base Makes Hospital, Lab & Factory Robots Easy

Amherst, NH, USA – MobileRobots Inc ( proudly announces first shipment of its tenth robot model today: the new MT400 robotic “build-a-bot” base, powered by Motivity autonomy. MT400 is the first autonomous platform designed specifically to help integrators and OEMs quickly create service robots for hospitals, factories, labs and offices. MT400 carries up to 90 lbs. through hospitals, factories, mailrooms, offices and laboratories. It saves time, reduces hazards, proves compliance and performs routine tasks reliably freeing nurses, assemblers, managers and technicians to focus on their work. MT400 can be used to: bring samples, remove hazardous waste, deliver mail, sense environmental characteristics, remotely monitor, track assets and more. For more information visit

Multi-Trak™ Model 670S Large Duct and Stack High-Performance Multi-Point Mass Flow

Sierra's Multi-Trak™ Model 670S is an advanced state-of-the-art instrument for measuring mass flow rates in very large ducts or stacks that have non-uniform velocity profiles, high turn-down requirements, dirty gas streams, wide temperature ranges and fast velocity and temperature changes. The Multi-Trak™ dynamically compensates for changes in the flow profile by using up to four independent mass flow sensing points to measure the instantaneous average gas mass flow velocity. The Multi-Trak™ is commonly used in petrochemical refining, coal-fired electric power generation, steel manufacturing and many other industrial processes that face the challenge of accurate and repeatable gas mass flow measurement in very large pipes or ducts.  For more information visit

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