December 2010
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GridWiseŽ Architecture Council awards outstanding technical papers at Grid Interop 2010

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Chicago, IL – The GridWiseŽ Architecture Council, or GWAC, recognized four outstanding technical papers at this year’s Grid Interop Forum. The GWAC leaders who gave the awards say these papers help enhance the understanding of interoperability, or how different components of an electrical grid can and should work together.

GWAC Chairman Ron Ambrosio and GWAC Administrator Ron Melton presented the awards during the forum’s closing ceremonies in the categories of information interoperability, basic connectivity, business and policy, and architecture.

“Information Interoperability”:

The Common Information Model (CIM) Approach to Interoperability, by Dr. Andrew Crapo, senior professional scientist at GE Global Research. The paper explores how various information models could be used as semantic models for energy applications and the grid.

“Basic Connectivity”:
Interoperability and Security for Converged Smart Grid Networks, by Dr. Andrew Wright, chief technology officer at N-Dimension. The paper investigates the challenges and solutions associated with merging smart grid networks.

“Business and Policy”:
Scaling Demand Response through Interoperability in Commercial Buildings, by Kelly Smith, energy and sustainability, Johnson Controls. Smith’s paper asserts that commercial buildings will be central to a scaling up of demand response to levels that significantly reduce costs, mitigate environmental impacts, increase reliability and balance intermittent resources of an electric grid that is changing quickly.

Control Solutions, Inc “Architecture”:
Systems Evolution to Guide Strategic Investments in Modernizing the Electric Grid, by Jeff Gooding, IT general manager of smart grid engineering at Southern California Edison. Gooding explores the need for the electrical power system to evolve in order to meet changing requirements including renewable energy integration and incorporation of electric vehicles, among other things.

The Grid Interop Forum is an annual event focused on smart grid interoperability standards and technologies – defining the interoperability framework necessary for smart grid efforts to flourish. This year’s conference also marked the first anniversary of the formation of Smart Grid Interoperability Panel or SGIP, which was established to harmonize standards and incorporate evolving technology advances. Chris Irwin, Smart Grid Standards and Interoperability Coordinator at the U.S Department of Energy said that the progress of the SGIP that was ―launched by the US Department of Energy and NIST‖ last year is remarkable. ―Grid Interop has been an excellent event to bring technical experts together to describe what it really means to have interoperability in the context of grid modernization‖, said Erich Gunther, Chief Technology Officer of EnerNex Corporation and GWAC member since 2004.

The GridWiseŽ Architecture Council consists of 13 practitioners and leaders with broad-based knowledge and expertise in power, information technology, telecommunications, financial systems and other fields that are working together toward a coordinated GridWiseŽ vision — the transformation of the nation's energy system into a rich, collaborative network filled with decision-making information exchange and market-based opportunities.


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