December 2014
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Setra Systems Introduces the Model SRIM2

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Boxborough, MA –Setra Systems, Inc., a leading manufacturer and designer of pressure measurement instrumentation, introduces the SRIM2 Room Isolation Monitor. The SRIM2 is the next-generation of Setra’s highly popular SRIM1; a Room Pressure Monitor designed for the most critical environments. SRIM2 enhancements SRIM2 include a three-color LCD backlit screen, the ability for visual and audible alarming on multiple parameters such as pressure, temperature, humidity and door alarm on the same device. The SRIM2 can also be configured in the field to be installed as an air-flow monitor. The SRIM2 is the ideal solution for pharmaceutical manufacturing, semiconductor, research laboratories, animal resource facilities, and cleanrooms requiring stringent room pressure monitoring.

In critical environments, proper room pressurization is essential to guarantee that the space is safe and/or sterile, depending on application requirements. The Model SRIM2 has a large 2-Line multi-color LCD display with membrane keypad to ensure easy installation, configuration & menu scrolling. The unit also offers a unique solution for calibration, using a snap-on/snap-off faceplate. Pharmaceutical facilities are required to calibrate pressure sensors anywhere from 1-3 times per year, which means that the SRIM2 can save significant time per calibration because the need to remove any plumbing or wiring is eliminated.

The CE Compliant SRIM2 is perfectly suited to monitor positive, negative or neutral air pressures per CDC guidelines. The SRIM2 room pressure monitor combines Setra’s proven and patented, very low capacitance sensing technology with the latest in electronics, measuring and displaying highly accurate pressure readings. True differential pressure is measured and displayed with configurable resolution to 0.0001 inches of water column.

PlantPROCORE Additional features include configurable analog 0 to 5 VDC and 0 to 10 VDC, and 4 to 20 mA output in pressure ranges from 0.05 in W.C. up to 5.00 in W.C., 1.0%, 0.5% and 0.25% Full Scale accuracy.

About Setra Systems
Setra Systems, Inc. is a designer, developer, and manufacturer of high accuracy electronic instruments that measures pressure, current, humidity/temperature, acceleration and weight, and very low-pressure and documenting calibrators. Setra’s products are used in many process and manufacturing industries, federal agencies, and research laboratories.

For more information on the SRCM Room Pressure Monitor or Setra’s complete product line, contact Setra Systems, Inc.


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