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Articles - December 2014

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Considering Collaboration Platforms for Your Whole-Building Hub  “Lots of people are trying to 'solve' email… Maybe the solution will be that everyone who uses email will die off.”  Ben Evans, Analyst, Andreessen Horowitz - Therese Sullivan, Principal, BuildingContext Ltd

Knowledge Sharing to Drive Learning  Only if you can hire good people, train them well, and ensure they continue to learn throughout their career will we see industry, from the operators to the engineers, achieve the potential we all know is there.  - Brad White, P.Eng, MASc, Principal, SES Consulting, Inc.

I’ll Have IoT with That Please  IoT is emerging as the third wave in the evolution of intelligent buildings. - Marc Petock, Vice President, Marketing Lynxspring & Connexx Energy

Bringing Energy and Building Management to Main Street  The largest growing segment of the BMS market is the small and medium business, or Main Street. - Mike Ippolito, Chief Product Officer, Universal Devices Inc.

Emerging Technology to Watch  Building owners will assess potential value and return. - Jim Sinopoli PE, RCDD, LEED AP, Managing Principal, Smart Buildings LLC

If Buildings Could Tell Us What’s Wrong  Fault Detection and Diagnostics Moves into the Buildings Sector - Environmental Energy Technologies Division of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

When Should You Consider Migrating Your Building Automation System (BAS)? Your facility is always changing; your BAS needs to keep up. -  Todd A. Finnegan, President, ACS Services, LLC

Avoiding Some of the Pitfalls of the Internet of Things  How to deploy remote access to building control devices without compromising your client’s security - Chris Topham, Abtec

Access Control Upstages Video Surveillance in the Quest for Driving Growth  Access Control, for so long the poor relative of Video Surveillance, this year has come out of the shadows and upstaged it by delivering a higher growth rate and we forecast that it will continue to increase its growth rate over the next five years. - Allan McHale, Director, Memoori

Columns - December 2014

Top 5 Collaboration Tools  With an internet full of collaboration tools, which ones are right for you? - Manny Mandrusiak, Managing Creative Consultant, 4 Bravo Marketing

Plans & Specifications – A Primer  Part Two - The Specs - Steven R. Calabrese, Control Engineering Corp.

Pressure Independent Control Valves  The concept of pressure independent control is that you should be able to have the same amount of flow through a device regardless of the inlet pressure. - Paul Ehrlich, Ira Goldschmidt & Angela Lewis, Building Intelligence Group

Understanding The Impact Of The Internet Of Things: The "I of Me" - Ken Sinclair,

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