January 2011
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Encelium Technologies' Energy Control SystemTM Named a 2011 Top Product

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Innovative Addressable Lighting Solution Reduces Energy Use and Costs

TEANECK, N.J., Jan. 10, 2011 - Encelium Technologies, a leading technology company specializing in integrated lighting control systems for commercial buildings, has been named a 2011 Top Product Award recipient by Building Operating Management. The winning product, Encelium's revolutionary Energy Control SystemTM (ECS), was selected from over 550 entries for its innovation and usefulness to facility managers.

"Facility managers, as well as property owners and tenants, recognize the value, in terms of cost and energy reductions, associated with an addressable lighting solution like ECS," said Tony Marano, Encelium's president and chief executive officer. "Since lighting represents a significant part of a commercial building's energy use, ECS has been proven to reduce lighting energy expenditures by 50 to 75 percent."

As the most advanced commercial lighting control system on the market, ECS typically meets or exceeds today's sustainable requirements for new or existing properties. The intelligent lighting solution uses the collaborative power of addressable networking technology in conjunction with advanced control hardware and software.

"Following installation, the typical payback-on-investment period is relatively short, averaging about three years, which is relatively faster than other environmental measures," said Marano.

Six energy management strategies integrate and deploy ECS on a facility-wide basis. These include daylight harvesting; personal controls; occupancy controls; smart-time scheduling; task tuning; and variable load shedding.

Control Solutions, Inc By interconnecting and networking electronic dimming ballasts, photo and occupancy sensors and lighting analog controls, ECS gives end-users unprecedented digital control. Ideal for retrofits or new construction of office buildings, schools, healthcare and public facilities, parking garages, big-box retail, stadiums and sports facilities and industrial/warehouse space, the system improves workplace ergonomics, occupant productivity and tenant satisfaction.

ECS also typically meets or exceeds today's sustainable requirements for new or existing office buildings.The system also contributes between 12 to 18 points, depending upon the application, toward achieving the coveted U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED). In addition, the system contributes in four of six categories, including sustainable sites, energy, indoor environmental quality and innovation in design.

Founded in 2001, Encelium is headquartered in Teaneck, N.J., with operations in Canada and Europe. To date, ECS has been successfully installed in more than 35 million square feet of commercial space throughout North America and Europe.

Encelium Technologies
Encelium Technologies (http://www.encelium.com/) is a technology development company specializing in integrated lighting control systems for commercial buildings. Encelium manufactures the Energy Control SystemTM (ECS), the most advanced lighting control solution for commercial buildings on the market. The system reduces lighting use and energy costs at a faster rate than other environmental measures and has an average payback of two to five years. Since the company's founding in 2001, ECS has been installed in more than 25 million square feet of commercial space across North America and Europe. The company has experienced tremendous growth, posting a 200% annual increase during the last two years.


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