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Babel Buster Network Gateways: Big Features. Small Price.
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Articles - January 2011
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Back to Basics "Control” must be the fundamental goal. Nirosha Munasinghe, Product Development Manager, Open General

Making Money From Demand Response  The ultimate goal is to maximize the attainment of energy reduction, while minimizing the effect on occupants and building performance.  Jim Sinopoli, PE, RCCD, LEED AP & Managing Principal Smart Buildings LLC

Mashup  Data World data never sleeps.  Nino Kurtalj, President, Elma Kurtalj Ltd

B2G – Moving Smart Grid, Beyond the Grid  The opportunities of integrating smart buildings with the Smart Grid  Anto Budiardjo, Clasma Events Inc

See How Your Building is Performing - Anywhere, Anytime  Easy to integrate web app offers a creative way to show building performance and educate about sustainable initiatives.  Sarah Erdman,  Marketing Director, QA Graphics 

Technologies that will win in building automation  The convergence of IP and building automation networks is undeniable and enables the integration of diverse applications and systems.   David Lamarche, Director of communications CAN2GO™

Is Wireless ZigBee technology ready for the commercial arena?  One of the greatest benefits of wireless networks in building automation may well be energy-efficiency, made possible by the easy, low-cost deployment of sensors and controls.  Billal Vindhani, Managing Director, Greenologic Ltd

Custom Automation  The systems that did exist being outrageously priced and hard to get for something so simple, I was forced to come up with my own.  John I. Jones, Technical Lighting Solutions

Predictions for Smart Buildings in 2011   Expect a few small and medium size companies to exponentially grow, some to be acquired by large companies, but some culling will take place.   Jim Sinopoli, PE, RCCD, LEED AP & Managing Principal Smart Buildings LLC

Total Facility Control  A Team Approach to Green Buildings  Ron Bernstein, Executive Director, LonMark International

Columns - January 2011

The Meaning of Open  A Simple Answer to a Sometimes Complicated Question.  Andy McMillan, President and GM Philips Teletrol

Systems & Sequences 
Waterside systems  Part 2 of 2 Steven R. Calabrese, Control Engineering Corp.

Alarms Lead to Reactive Operations  An alarm event indicates that a problem has already occurred.  Paul Ehrlich, Ira Goldschmidt & Angela Lewis  Building Intelligence Group

The Building Services Interface 
The foundation of smart building security and interactions. Toby Considine, T9

Articles - December 2010

Business Intelligence and Building Automation Analytics  
Every intelligent management decision will pay back quickly. The question is, are we able to distinguish information from terabytes of data? 
Nino Kurtalj, President, Elma Kurtalj Ltd

Dashboards for Buildings  Dashboards are meant to convey essential information quickly and clearly on one screen.  Jim Sinopoli, PE, RCCD, LEED AP & Managing Principal Smart Buildings LLC

Interoperability. So, what’s in it for me?  In terms of actual benefits, interoperability enables more devices to communicate, improved operational efficiency, and of course, a more level playing field for entrepreneurial minds to innovate and create a much larger potential market.  Anto Budiardjo, Clasma Events

DeKalb Technical College Starts Building Automation Program  This new program offers a diploma as well as an Associate in Applied Science degree.  The program can also be done online.  Stephanie Brown, Student, DeKalb Technical College

Revolutionizing Building Physical Security  Having a physical security system that easily integrates with your tenants’ identity management system, means that you can now transfer some of the liability to your tenant for creating, modifying, removing and archiving identities from the physical access system. Guy Huntington

Cloud-to-Cloud Software Integration
Utilizing Physical Security Data to Improve Corporate Risk and Compliance Management 
Steve Van Till, President and CEO, Brivo Systems & Brian McIlravey, CPP, Co-CEO PPM 2000

Benefits of lighting control integrating DALI and BACnet.  From theory to real application. Josep Ceron, Business Development Manager, Intesis Software

Columns - December 2010

Systems & Sequences   Airside systems Part 1 of 2 Steven R. Calabrese, Control Engineering Corp.

The 6 –Steps Guide to Success with OPC UA  Six Defined Steps to maximize your investment in OPC UA  Manny Mandrusiak, Vice President of OPC Marketing, OPC Foundation

Making Commercial Controls Work  Nearly everything about a controls system—the points, architecture, integration, etc.—comes from the requirements defined in the sequence of operation.  Paul Ehrlich, Ira Goldschmidt & Angela Lewis  Building Intelligence Group

Past Favorites 
Jim Sinopoli, PE, RCCD, LEED AP & Managing Principal Smart Buildings LLC  Dashboards for Buildings
Nino Kurtalj, President, Elma Kurtalj Ltd  Business Intelligence and Building Automation Analytics
Teny E. Varghese, 
Building Automation Jobs  Social Networking
Nino Kurtalj, President, Elma Kurtalj Ltd Connecting Building Automation to Everything
David Lamarche, Director of Communications, CAN2GO™  The Embedded BACnet IP Server
Jim Sinopoli, PE, LEED AP, RCDD Managing Principal, Smart Buildings LLC  Too Many Choices For Wireless Building Systems?
Nino Kurtalj, President, Elma Kurtalj Ltd  From the Silo to Open Collaborative Facility Internetworks 
Sarah Erdman, Marketing Director, QA Graphics
 Seeing is Believing
Ken Sinclair Editor/Owner, www.AutomatedBuildings.com  Does Owning the Meters Make You Smarter?
Jim Sinopoli, PE, LEED AP, RCDD Managing Principal, Smart Buildings LLC  A Window into Shading and Electrically Switchable Glass
Peter Sharer, Founder, Agilewaves, Inc  Monitoring-based Commissioning for Proactive Energy Management
Sarah Erdman, Marketing Director, QA Graphics  Energy Dashboards and Energy EDUCATION Dashboard
Michael Colicchio, Canadian Regional Development, Viconics Electronics Inc. Wireless Communicating Controls

Harry Sim, CEO, Cypress Envirosystems Kaiser Permanente Qualifies Old Building for Energy Incentives 
Ken Sinclair AutomatedBuildings.com  Takeaways from ConnectivityWeek 2010

Nirosha Munasinghe, Open General The Future of Cloud Connectivity for BAS
Ken Sinclair Editor/Owner, www.AutomatedBuildings.com  Preview of May 24-27 ConnectivityWeek 2010 Santa Clara
Michael R. Lavelle P.E., Lavelle Energy LLC & Kimon Onuma, FAIA, ONUMA, Inc. Virtual Building Energy Management
Nirosha Munasinghe, Open General  What is a Web Enabled Building  Management System? & Data Integration Levels


Dave Krinkel, Founder EnergyAI  What Secrets Lurk In the 98% of Energy Data that’s Never Looked At? 

Ken Sinclair Editor/Owner, www.AutomatedBuildings.com  The Next Big Things
Andy Stadheim CEO, Barix Technology U.S.  Building Automation Considerations
Ken Sinclair Editor/Owner, www.AutomatedBuildings.com  Twenty Ten to be a BAD-ASS Year

Jim Sinopoli, PE, LEED AP, RCDD Managing Principal, Smart Buildings LLC Predictions for Smart Buildings in 2010
Rawlson O’Neil King,  Communications Director, CABA  Research Viewpoints
Robert Eckery, Marcom Manager, EnOcean, Inc. Energy Harvesting, Wireless and Next Generation Building Energy Management 

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